How To Get ClickBank Sales Notification Via Email

Wondering how you can get Email notification for Clickbank sales? This is one feature that they don’t have for their publisher at this moment, and below is a trick which will let you get notifications for every sales. Clickbank is one of the popular affiliate market place for affiliate marketplace. Specially when it comes to WordPress Affiliate program, you will find many amazing product is using clickbank to market their product. Though, compare to ShareASale, I find Clickbank dashboard to be little complicated, and one of the worse problem is getting Email notification for sales you are making on your Clickbank account. Earlier, I talked about Niftystats desktop affiliate tracking software, which notifies you commission you made on Clickbank, and many other popular affiliate program.

Clickbank Sales Notification

Getting Clickbank Notification using WordPress Plugin:

As an affiliate marketer, I know one thing which we need to know about affiliate sales is just a confirmation. This helps us to keep a track of campaign we are running, and also help us to find the product which is performing better than other affiliate program. Clickbank have this knowldgebase, which sounds like a rocket-science to me, and if you are a programmer, that might interest you.

We will be using Clickbank sale notification WordPress plugin in this case. Below I will share how you can configure and use this plugin. Do remember, this plugin works for affiliates and for product vendor. You will get sales, rebill, refund and all important notification for Emails.

Login to your WordPress dashboard, and install Clickbank sale notification plugin. This is a free plugin, but you need to register by adding your name and email. Now, you need to login to your Clickbank account, and get the Clickbank secret Key.

How to Get your Clickbank Secret Key?

  • To get your Clickbank secret key, login to your account. Click on Settings > My Sites
  • Click on Edit infront of Advanced tools
  • Create a 16 digit Secret Key. Remember The secret key must be no more than 16 characters and/or digits, and it must be in ALL CAPS.
  • Now, click on Instant notification URL, and select yes for all the dropbox option.
  • Click on Get API access and Instant Notification URL is enabled for your account
  • Again go back to My sites > Edit <Advance tools> and add your instant notification URL. That would be

Clickbank Secret API Key
After adding the notification URL, click on Test. Make sure version is selected as 2.1. Now, you will get a success message, and it’s time to sit back and let this plugin give you the ego boost with every sale. Here is the example of clickbank sales notification email that I have received after using this plugin:

Clickbank Sales Notification trick

This is it. If you know of any other method which will let us get notifications for every Clickbank sales, do share with me via comments. If you find this article interesting, share it with other click bank marketers on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Huzaima Khan says

    You rock (Y)
    You’ve made my life easy, now I’ll be earning hassle free with Clickbank
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Prince Molak says

    Hi Harsh,i hate Clickbank and i prefer being an amazon affiliate,do you know of any plugin that can also do such magic on amazon?

  3. Anil Agarwal says

    Thanks a lot Harsh for sharing this tip. I haven’t been promoting Clickbank proucts these days on my blogs. But I use to get few sales from them time to time. On most of time, I came to know about a sale after a long time as I don’t check my Clickbank affiliate account quite often. With this tip, I will have accesss to all new sales notification directly into my inbox.

    On top of all, I haven’t been able to remember my clickbank password (Looks difficult to me) and everytime when I had to check my account, I have to copy paste it from an Excel.

  4. says

    Hiii Harsh,
    you are absolutely right, I have seen many time that amazing product is using clickbank to market their product. this is first time when i am knowing about – To Get ClickBank Sales Notification Via Email. It seems really much useful all the publisher who are using WordPress Affiliate program.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing information about clickbank with all of us..