How to Fund Your Ideas Through Kickstarter

In the present age, the internet can get you anything. From a bar of candy to a house, car, airplane, ship and even fame, money etc. So what do you do when you need some funding to start a business or project that popped into your head? Well, you can start a fund raiser in case you have some good connections with people, which most entrepreneurs don’t or, you can ask the Internet for help.

kickstarterI’m certain that you must have heard of this place/website called Kickstarter. If you haven’t, then it’s likely that you’ve never looked on the internet for funding. Kickstarter is a website or rather a company that lets you post your ideas, spread the word, explain people what it is and gets you backers(funds) for your idea. You can post your ideas on this website, tell people how it’s going to change something or the other and ask them for funds to start and launch whatever that you’re planning to do. It’s more like an internet fund-raiser, only you don’t need to have any connections and you don’t even need to know the people who’re funding your idea. As simple as that!

Till date, there have been plenty of ideas, that have received funding through Kickstarter and most of them have succeeded in reaching their goal. Here I’ll be showing you how to start a project on Kickstarter and get some funds for it.

How to submit idea to KickStarter

  • To begin with, direct your browser to and Sign Up. A very easy process, no verification or formalities required.
  • Once done with the registration and the editing of your profile, such as where you’re from, Bio and blah blah, you’ll need to navigate to Start a Project.

Create Kickstarter project

  • You’re almost done! Read the project start guidelines, which is important and then tell Kickstarter what your Project is all about. This is where you’ll get to convince Kickstarter that your project is worthy of recognition so you’ll have to give in your best effort. You can set how much you want to raise and what you’ll give to the people who pledged for you.
  • Once all that’s done, click on Submit Proposal. Now you’ll have to wait for the Kickstarter team to review your submission. If your idea is creative then it will be selected!

About the eligibility, anyone can apply, but (there’s always a ‘but’) you’ll need to have an Amazon Payments account that should be registered in the United States and be 18 Years or older. You could however use a major credit card to sign up with Amazon Payments so that you can receive your raised money once the pledging period is over. Check out this video to understand What Kickstarter is, and how it can help you in your entrepreneurship journey:

Do you have any such bright ideas that you think can cause changes to the world or to you? If you do, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Go kick start your ideas to life with Kickstarter.

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COMMENTs ( 2 )

  1. doroki says

    Great article. Never heard before the KICKSTARTER is a platform to fund the creative idea and project. But it is not clear what the return will have to be paid to the funding people. Suppose one has idea for social cause then obviously he will not get any monetary benefit from the project. Another thing is that amazon account which should be too old. After all this is great platform to raise fund.

    • Swamykant says

      While pledging you can mentioned what you will do in return. In case of diaspora.. those who gave $2000 or more will Get a CD, note, and a bunch of cool diaspora stickers, and a awesome diaspora t-shirt! plus they will send you a brand new computer fully configured so you can host your own Diaspora seed from right under your bed!