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How to Find Free Images for your Blog using Flickr

How to Find Free Images for your Blog using Flickr

Images in a blog post makes it look really good, and if you are not adding images, you not only missing image search traffic, but also your content will look dull. When you are writing tutorial article, you can always take your own screenshot, and use it in a blog post, but sometime when you are writing a generic article, you would like to use images which are already there on Internet. Do you know, legally you are not allowed to use any image from internet on your blog.

Find Free Photos On Flickr

Before using any image in a blog post, you need to ensure those images can be used on your blog. Specially, if you are earning from your blog, you should never do it, as copyright image holder can file a DMCA complaint, and your blog post could be removed from search. There are many websites from where you can use images by giving a link back to the original poster. One of them is Flickr where we are allowed to use images for commercial purpose by giving credit link.

How to use Flickr Advance search to find free images for blog:

Flickr is an Image sharing website from Yahoo where people upload their images, and add a license. Using Flickr advance search option, you can find images based on license. For example, in our case we would like to find images with creative common license, and only those images which we can use in a commercial blog. As I mentioned above, since you are earning from your blog, you should find those creative common licensed images, which can freely be used on a commercial blog.

Here is how you can get started – Go to Flickr advance search and add the keyword for your image search. There are few options, like you can find only images or videos and so on. Simply select the options according to your need.

Flickr Advanced search


At the bottom, you will see an option to find images based on license. Also, select the option which says “Find content to use commercially”. See the screenshot for better understanding:

Free images for Blog

One important thing even if you use those images on your blog, make sure you give a link back to original poster. Here is a video which explains the complete step:

In case if you have missed my previous article on Flickr, I highly recommend to go and have a look there, you might end up driving some crazy traffic from Flickr.

Do let me know which method you are using to find free images for your blog or Website? If you find this article interesting, do share it on Facebook & Google plus.

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  • Md. Mukarram Hossain

    Hi Harsh,
    Thank you so much for your valued articles on Royalty free image search. Now I’m looking for the article you committed to write in reply to the question by Dev, the first commenter of this article. Actually, the solution has given birth to a new problem- ‘how to give credit to the original poster’. Expecting your help. thanks again.

  • Dev

    Hi Harsh,
    Very nice and useful post. What is proper way of giving credits to original post? If you can add example of how to give credit to the original author, it would be really helpful. Many times I see people confused about this.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Sure I will write an article on the same. I have also a good trick on this which I want to share with you all. Watch out for upcoming post.

  • nickk bisht

    Thanks for such a great and useful article..
    Still one confusion,suppose I choose numbers of images from flicker and then edit/merge them. How am I going to give it a back link of the Images are not from single photographer?
    secondly, Can I go for adsense with these images on my post.? I am asking this because in another post you suggested not to copy contents from other websites.would like to hear from you on this issue.

  • sourabh

    I used to search and download free images from stockvault site. But most of the time I wont get proper match. I will try flickr now as you suggested.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Flickr is good but I would recommend you to edit your images to make it more enrich. You can use tool like and create your own image. Most important thing to remember here is: Use images which is in context to your post and convey message in image form.

  • Sayyed Parvez

    Hello Harsh,
    It was interesting to read the article. Flickr does provide lots of free images but again there are few more things into for using the images. Its a very informative and helpful post.

  • Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    Hello Harsh,
    That is the proper and best way to use images on the blog. I was searching for the legal methods to use images from internet on my blog few days ago. Here is the complete solution. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Rohit Gautam

    Hello Harsh,
    It is really amazing to finding images in flicker. before we know about flicker. i always use google images. but when i see flicker images that was awesome and beat google images. thanks for your help to finding images in flicker

  • Mukul Kalra

    Hi harsh
    i m working on automobile related website but in flickr advanced search there is no image of upcoming car or bike what can i do fr that

  • Jitendra vaswani

    Hi Harsh ,
    You really helped me with this brilliant post regarding getting images from Flickr, Harsh I ahve one question is it necessary to write wordpress on flickr to search images, suppose I am searching for my content : “How to promote your content in Online marketing”
    Can I use content marketing in flickr search bar & use that images in post. please clear my doubt :)

  • Nizam

    Well, Flickr is the best place to get free images to use in posts and most important one should give the actual author credit by giving a link back when using an image. Flickr advanced search option is really helpful to search for the images under creative common license. Thanks Harsh for this useful post :)

  • Ruchi

    This is really cool , i was not aware about it, i usually make the simple photos for my blogs on my own, can you tell me other site from where we can get photo for our blog for free.

  • Team Nirvana

    That was an amazing tip which I had not been aware of earlier Harsh. I literally used to search and just use the images.

    Now, I will take care not to do this again. Thanks Harsh for sharing the info.


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