How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest posts on your blog?

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This question is asked by Rahul:

Hi harsh, I want guest bloggers for my blog. Can you suggest how I may get guest bloggers?

Guest blogging has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Though the no. of advantages outrun the disadvantages and many bloggers have started offering guest posts on their blog.  By guest posting, most clear advantage for guest author is they will get free backlinks, free traffic and subscribers. Here I’m sharing few points which work for me and should work for you to appeal bloggers to guest post on your blog.

Where to find guest bloggers for your blog?

Find Guest Bloggers

Build a community:

No body would like to write for a blog which doesn’t have an active community. Active community means active commentator, quality blog posts and people participating in your blog. Most of the bloggers blog for reaction and fame, which usually comes with traffic and comments. If you have a blog and traffic but doesn’t have a community, it might not appeal any one to come and write a guest post on your blog. First thing which you need to do is start commenting on others blog, respect every reader of your blog and start building a community. Read my post on How to form a community out of your blog.

Link love within article body or end of the article

One major reason people guest blog for you is to get a high quality backlink and after that traffic and so on. Most of the blogs with guest posting option enabled have only author bio box which most of the time get unnoticed like ad blindness. Add a link at the end of the post saying this is a guest post by $Name who blogs at $Blogname. If you would like to write an article, read Our guest posting guidelines.

This give link love to your guest poster and also your readers will get to know that you offer guest posting on your blog. More over blog who have only author bio box to show case guest author is not so effective, as people who are reading your blog via RSS, will never land into guest blogger blog.

Landing page for Guest posting guidelines:

Have a dedicated page which should mention that your blog allow guest posting. This page will work as landing page and make sure you add all important information that how they can start with guest posting, how to register and especially what benefit’s they will get if they guest post on your blog. Make work easier for them and try to make this system automate. Check Shoutmeloud Guest bloggers landing page.

Interact with your guest blogger:

On a daily basis I get 3 guest post and out of them almost 2 get rejected here at Shoutmeloud. Simply don’t trash the post and better mark an Email to guest author stating the reason why you can’t accept his post and what he can do to make it better. By doing this you will be winning one heart and more over a real fan for your blog.

Another great strategy which you could do is, follow your guest blogger on Twitter and other social networking site. Give them love and attention which they deserve.

Love love and love

find guest posters

When people guest post on your blog give them as much love as possible. That could be in terms of traffic, exposure or brand awareness. Apart from adding link, add a Gravatar at the top which will help the guest author to show him his brand and more over more exposure for him. Don’t try to preserve link love when it comes to guest posting.

Accept only quality guest post

One major problem which you might face when you open your blog for guest posting is , your friends would like to write for you for lots of backlinks and might be sharing a less quality post. Try to say no and reject post. People love to write for blog which share quality posts all the time. It may be hard for you in the beginning to reject the posts but later on you will see the drastic difference in terms of quality guest poster and hence quality posts.

Make it Viral: Add revenue sharing

When I converted Shoutmeloud into multi-author blog I added money making system for guest author. Which give them option to add their adsense code and on their post, their adsense will be running. Now guest author at Shoutmeloud was getting triple benefit, Backlink from page rank 5 blog, Exposure & traffic, and Money from their posts. So try to convert your blog into revenue sharing blog or may be you can come up with some sort of prize for most popular guest poster of the week. Such things always appeal to guest author.

I believe these are some of the tips which would help you to find and attract guest bloggers on your blog. It may take some time to get frequent guest posts but if you have done your basic homework right, soon, your blog will be showered by guest posts.

Shoutmeloud is a community blog where any blogger can share original article about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, make money online and Blogger tools. Check our guest posting guidelines.

Do let us know more tips which might help bloggers to find guest bloggers for their blog?

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  1. Chetan says

    Thanks for sharing, Harsh. For my education website i try to get some guest blogger from many times. suggest some interested niche to get guest blog post. Thanks Keep Sharing.

  2. Clint says

    great post.
    Do you mean that our blogs should be traffic rich (like yours) before daring to ask for guest post?

    • says

      It’s not always traffic, but yes, if one have a decent traffic blog, it’s always a plus point.
      Along with that Readership and Page rank does matter.

  3. Ferb says

    Hi Harsh, so there are a lot of important things that we need to do in order to invite guest bloggers like building up the community and I never had a landing page, definitely going to get one. These are great tips of getting more guest bloggers.

    Thanks – Ferb

  4. Dhruv Bhagat says

    I get guest bloggers for my blog just writing guest posts for iTechCode, TechTricksWorld, BasicBlogTips and ProBloggingSuccess.

    BasicBlogTips has a brilliant community. If you want guest bloggers for your blog, you must write 4-5 posts on Ileane’s blog each month..

    Also, make sure posts on your blog are well written and are inter-related with each other.

    For health niche, you can start writing for HealthMeUp.


  5. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE .. :D

    Now that is the best tactic seriously which i have tried for several of my blogs, it gets me many free Posts for my Websites :)

    Good Post Mate !!

  6. Rahul Kashyap says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. But I want to ask one more Question for my blog. I have Entertainment related blog (eespecially for movie new and information). I have started guest posting on my blog. but i want to guest post on my blog. please give me suggestion about my blog. I hope you give me reply this Question

    Rahul Kashyap

  7. says

    I love your tactic to provide extra revenue for guest bloggers and it is a completely a new tactic. Most of the guest bloggers will love it because they love to get some revenue along with the backlinks. Anyway a very nice article from you.

  8. maxwell ivey says

    Thanks for the well written article; I’ve been considering offering guest blogging and have asked friends, family, and social media contacts to step forward. So far no one has taken me up on the offer. The question is does a site exist where you could sign up as a potential guest blogger for people who are looking. I mean I’m pretty knowledgeable about my niche and could use the additional links and traffic; but how do I know if someone is looking? thanks, Max

  9. pelin says

    Hi, thanks for the post. I have been trying to find guest bloggers for a while for my blog and couldn’t get a good response yet. I will stick in to your advise. Cheers.

  10. Nihar says

    Great tips.

    Thanks for sharing these.

    I am thinking of starting Guest posts on my blog. All the above points are take away for me.

  11. Pulkit Kaushik says

    I have a well set up Blog. I know it’s on but it still gets good traffic. The thing is that I am unable to find Guest Bloggers. I have tried everywhere. Every website, every social networking site. I even have a page which lists all the required details for guest posts but I don’t know why people just don’t want to guest post on Blogs! I am ready to give the following to every guest poster:
    1. A link back to any one page of your Blog/ website.
    2. One link for your Feed Subscription/RSS subscription
    3. One Affiliate link
    4. The author’s bio (your bio) before or after the post.
    5. Addition to BlogRoll.
    6. One linkback to any one of your post which should be in concern with the post
    But I don’t why Harsh, I still don’t get any requests for Guest posting. Perhaps you can have a look at my Blog and tell the where the problem lies. :)

    • Rajat Kumar says

      @pulkit dude, i see no stats about your blog on that post u mentioned in your comment. if i hypothetically want to write for your blog i will want to know about your visitors and followers first and foremost. why i should guest blog is secondary. most ppl already know dat.

      PS: the dolt should try the TCS IT Wiz and do away with his stage-fear. its cakewalk really. having won it before, i can surely tell.

  12. Techfudge says

    How much traffic is suggested before we expect guest bloggers..
    I think it should be a minimum of 1000 uv per day…
    Am I right?

  13. Sandeep Singh says

    yeah active community participation is must !! No one would like to write in a site where he not getting any populartity !!

  14. Prabal | Price Arena says

    Interact with your guest blogger: Yes thats a perfect point. When i first wrote a post on COG it was rejected & you told me the mistakes I did in it & then it helped me a lot in writing the next three posts. (which was accepted) :) . Thanks .. ! :)

  15. Joynal Abedin says

    I have launched a new guest blogging blog few days ago. I am not getting few bloggers to that blog. I will try my best to follow your guidelines to get more blogger for my new blog.

  16. Kunal says

    It’s a role of guest bloggers also to write quality post. Their posts should mere not be for backlinks and to generate traffic to their site.

  17. Nauman says

    A blog required high quality articles. The most important aspect about guest blogging is that the webmaster should accept only top quality unique guest posts. If a guest post provides real benefit to the blog readers them it is acceptable option. The blog owner must also ensure that the guest post must be unique in order to avoid duplicate content penalties by search engine.

  18. Michael says

    Hi Harsh

    Each point resonated strongly with me, eespecially the importance of building community. And I think your revenue sharing idea is both innovative and brilliant!

    Thanks for the great article and tips.


  19. SathishKumar says

    Making revenue sharing program for guest bloggers will make most people to think about guest blogging in our blog, since these days people are looking to make money along with getting backlinks for their blog. Thanks for sharing these tips, Harsh

  20. Jaydip Parikh says

    One more wonderful article mate. I am also planning to start taking “Guest Post” on my blog as my blog is now some what popular and having PR-3. This will help me a lot. You also can share some good content as opener ;)

    Keep writing and keep inspiring.

  21. Mandeep says

    I would agree the advantages of guest posting greatly outweigh the disadvantages. I like how you allow guest posts to contains the adsense code of the original author. Great post!

  22. Roy Scribner says

    I have had good luck with guest bloggers on my main blog – several of them are pretty high traffic pages. Like you say, Harsh, I think the key is maintaining high standards for quality. I tell my guest bloggers that I will take care of the pictures, but they are responsible for the text. Even if they provide photos, I do all of the formatting and optimization so that the guest post will be consistent with my own.

  23. Bishwajeet says

    Well, I should have searched for some guest bloggers before hand for my xams time. Lets see if I get some requests of guest blogging or not .
    Btw most of the guest bloggers want to just promote their site and I find that they are not adding any real value to the site, so reject most of them until and unless they are good for our readers .

    • Kingsley Agu says

      You’re very right – most guest poster don’t write quality guest posts these days. They are just looking for ways to get backlinks and grow their Page Rank significantly. I strongly believe that rejection of such guest post should be the norm of the hour.

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