How to Find Google Analytics Tracking Code?

When ever we talk about Blog setup, we always talk about setting up a stats program. Google analytics is something which I use for my blogs and I highly vouch on it, since it’s free and reliable. I have already shared how to set up Google analytics and in this article, I will be sharing a small tip which will help you if you are stuck in the same situation as mine.

I was working on one of my Website and I moved from Google analytics plugin to direct code implementation method. So, I needed to login to my GA account and find the tracing code. I thought it would be easier, but honestly I got lost for re-finding the code and realised this tutorial could be useful for many who are stuck in the same situation as me.

Where to Find Google Analytics Tracking code?

Here is step by step guide with screenshots to help you:

Login to your Google Analytics account and click on Account list > Select the Website for which you need to find analytics tracking code. Once you are into dashboard of the site, click on Admin in the top navbar:

Admin Google analytics

Under Admin tab. click on Tracking info option and scroll down to grab your Google Analytics tracking code again.

Google Analaytic tracking code

Now, simply add the tracking code into your Website and you can come later on this same page to see the status of your tracking code. If you see a message saying “Status: Receiving data”, that means your being tracked by Analytics, else it will show an Error.

This is a quick tip, but I’m sure this will help those who lost their Google analytics tracking code for an existing site and need to re-enter it. You might be interested to learn: How to find top landing pages using Google analytics.

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  1. Naziman Azlye says

    Thanks for the tutorial, my blog also using direct code. I try using plugin but i don’t like it. The problem using direct code when change theme but not a big problem.