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    How to Find an Awesome SEO Job [Guide]

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    The SEO Industry has many opportunities and SEO is the most advanced part of Internet marketing very valuable for any employer

    SEOjobs How to Find an Awesome SEO Job [Guide]

    due to its fun playing complexity which is really easy to master but most of the SEO still lacks this.

    So, here goes my five tips which is the ticket to the internet marketing companies as a SEO profile job. These points cover learning basic to advanced SEO and finding a job at company.

    Gearing up for your next SEO Job:

    Learn SEO by running own website or blog

    Blogging is by far the best way to start as a beginner and learning SEO skills. If you cannot afford to buy own domain or hosting then you can continue with free blogging services like WordPress.com or Blogger.com

    Create a blog about anything you like, e.g. if you want to run a blog about cars then create a blog and set your SEO goals, for instance getting a rank for specific keyword or a number of page views you want to achieve via search engines.

    Many people could find blogs harder to implement SEO tricks, because with HTML sites it’s pretty easy to optimize pages for search engines even if you wouldn’t know anything about web development. To start with a website you would need to buy hosting, but if you cannot afford to buy hosting at the initial phase then nothing to worry, just Google and you will find lots of companies offering free banner-less web hosting. Sign up for the hosting right away and add your free domain name e.g. ‘.co.cc’,.’tk’

    To enhance your SEO skills following these sites is a must

    Follow SEO Gurus on Social media

    Social Media is the best way to achieve success. Social websites can play a vital role in your career’s success. Follow the most successful people of the industry on major social networks like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Learn Social SEO aka Web 2.0

    Social SEO is also known as SEO 2.0; nowadays search engine algorithms keep their eyes on all the social media websites and filter results using these sites. Learning this SEO is fun and very beneficial in a long run, because due to the fan base you have permanent assurance of regular traffic and income.

    Follow latest trends and practices

    Following news, latest trends and practices is a very crucial part of your success, keeping a close eye on all the happenings of digital world means staying ahead and be prepared for any question. Follow blogs RSS feeds and social properties (Facebook page, twitter etc) so news, tips, ideas, latest trends and happening remain in your knowledge.

    Keep an eye on latest development from Google. Understand everything about Google Panda, and recent algo updates. Do remember, your goal is just not to take a SEO job, but also to retain it. So reading, and keeping yourself updated is very important requirement for your job profile.

    Show your Knowledge of SEO

    The simple rule is ‘show it to earn it’; no one will ever come to know about your SEO knowledge if you won’t promote yourself as a brand. Write articles about SEO on your own blog and promote it via social networking websites.

    You can also try guest writing for the popular blogs, as they have more number of subscribers and regular traffic and there are more chances of creating the awareness about your name in companies power holders which can hire you in a flash.

    This point is the most important one, try out mentioning good and bad points about different companies, brands and individuals; this will make them visiting your blog or any other web property which reciprocally will prove your expertise over those power individuals.

    Are you a SEO expert and work for some company? Do share your views and tips to get a perfect SEO job?


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    Very useful guide for beginners, because mainly i learned beginning SEO by my own blog.
    Interesting post Learning to Getting a Job! thanks to Hamza Azam.


    Namit Gupta

    Learning SEO by experiments on self blog is the best way. SEO is practical knowledge more than the theory. This field attracts me a lot and I regularly learn something new and apply to my blog. I am a novice in SEO but surely will master it someday. :-)



    You are absolutely right. SEO can be best learnt if we have our own blog. When i started bloggin in 2007. I didn’t know abc of SEO. Over time i learnt a lot and still learning.

    It is an evolving process which never ends.


    Chetan Bhasin

    I also started learning SEO by starting a free blog at webs.com before I was aware of wordpress. But later, I discovered that wordpress is far better platform for bloggers than any other service.


    Jose Tinto

    That was a real useful read about SEO.

    As you mentioned having own site is the best way to learn the SEO


    bansari thakkar

    Awesome platform really good and advantageous one.

    Excellent want to know more about it.

    Thanks for it. All the best


    Rahul @ MazaKaro

    you know i started few weeks ago learning about this in dept and i found out many new stuff ,this was clear for me and helpful , i like all the steps you mentioned! well done : tahnx


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