How to fight back to content Theft (Plagiarism)

Content theft is one of BIG issue with genuine blogger who really think, research and then write some meaningful content for their readers. I had seen few bloggers who just copy – paste from some blog post and keep posting on their Blog in order to have more visitors and money. They are doing this knowingly – unknowingly seriousness about this issue. They are making Duplicate Content on web, not giving backlink or Credit to original author(s),  and so on.

During Last September (Sept – 09) I wrote post which talk about “How to update Sitemap Automatically to Google, Yahoo and other Search Engines” with in couple of month it was published on few other blogs without any credential / Backlink to my blog. I don’t want to name any person here who did that.

The following things can help us to fight back with this kind of Thefts.

How to check Content is Theft :

Well honestly it’s tough question when It come to indentify this kind of Bloggers. Know Blogger like Harsh Agrawal is having thousand of post online so it is really hard to find it. But still you must follow following things which can help you to prevent from Content Theft

  • Set Google Alert for “Article (Blog Post) Title”
  • Try to check random URL of your Blog with service call “CopyScape
  • Search your Blogpost Titile in Google. If possible with Double Quoted (“) mark.

We Got Blog. Now what ?

  • Comment on that blog and ask to either to put backlink or remove it. (It’s up to you)
  • Shoot mail to him/her ID if anything doesn’t happen.
  • If you are not able to find email or other details about that Blog owner then check Who IS records.
  • I will love to post about Him/Her on my Blog / Social Profile in order to expose them. (It might varies person to person)

If NO reaction from Blog Owner.

This kind of blogger only aim for money and most of them use Google adsense. In order to hit them hard we must contact some Web Authorities.

Don’t worry if you are feeling that How to write this kind of letters. Just check this link in order to have some ready to use templates.

Let’s take advantage from Content Theft

Wondering that I started joking ? No, I am not joking. Now there are some smart sites which started taking advantage of Content theft.

A website called Tynt is providing excellent service they just put one hyper link as part of content so who ever copies your content you will have Backlink advantage. :)

How It works (Sourced from their site)

Each time a user copies content from your website and pastes into an email, blog or website, we automatically add a URL link back to your site’s original content. When someone clicks that URL, they are directed back to your site and see the original content.

You can even use Content Theft WordPress Plugin to stop Copy of your content.

I hope this will help you to fight back and prevent your self from Content Theft. Do share your reaction about this article as well as some more suggestion if I missed any.

This is a Guest post by Jaydip Parikh, who is working as Jaydip. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read Shoutmeloud Guest Author program

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Hadi Nugraha says

    I have a very bad experience too.
    Many of my articles had been copied by many people. For example, I can’t believe it that one of my article has been duplicate by more than 80 blog/website. Most of them are from blogspot’s and wordpress’s blog. It hurts me bad. My serp ranks decreased and out from page #3. I reported to google’s DMCA, and wordpress’s DMCA. Most of them had been removed from index, and their blogs. But still, my ranks can’t go back to previous positions on google’s SERPs.
    So I decided to create another blog with fresh contents. And it happened again. From the #1 on SERP, now my articles began to loose their ranks. I’m so frustrated.
    Google doesn’t help me a lot, even most of dup contents has been removed from index.

  2. Jaimin says

    Thanks Shoutmeload :D to share this wonderful information. i just started my blogging career and your blog is one of the best to place understand “what is blogging ?”.

    Because of this Shoutmeload, i inspire so much. again thanks :)

  3. Aang@indygizmo says

    I have a very bad experience. In the past I have a high traffic blogspot blog because 3 of my articles (on a very competitive niche) ranked very well on SE and I earned more than $1000 per mo from G adsense just with 1 blog! Then scrappers stole my contents without my permission, as result my articles lost its good position on SE because of duplicate contents. It was very frustrating I was very angry with them, but didn’t know what to do :(

    Now I have a new wordpress blog and I use wp plugin to stop scrappers stealing my articles. Thanks for this post, I’ve bookmarked this page to fight plagiarism

  4. Twilight fairy says

    I’ve been a victim of not just content theft and unscrupulous bloggers copying my content without giving me credit, but even worse – publishing houses like TOI stealing my content (images) and using commercially without permission.

    I managed to get credit and compensation from TOI and started this mailing list :

    and the site which is like a repository of content theft and how to fight back if you are a victim. Need more volunteers to attain critical mass to get some lawyers on board, who’ll help pro bono.

    Do join the list. thanks!

  5. Jonathan Bailey says

    First off, thank you very much for writing more about this issue and working to bring it to the forefront, it is greatly appreciated and this issue needs more attention.

    However, as someone in this field, there are a few things I’d like to mention within your article.

    First, using a Google Alert for the title of your posts isn’t very practical. Not only are there too many works to make this simple, but some plagiarists change the title. I would instead recommend fairshare ( or even just using a digital fingerprint.

    Second, going public with allegations of plagiarism is dangerous for many reasons, the biggest being you don’t know the full story. You can be accused of libel or, even worse, create a virtual lynch mob that can hurl death threats and ruin lives offline. It’s a dangerous thing to do and should only be used as a last resort.

    Next, it is much better to send a DMCA notice to the host than to Google. The former removes the content from the Web and is much faster, the latter only handles the search side of things.

    Finally, I can not recommend the plugin you suggested. Disabling right click and text selection not only hurts legitimate users but it does little, if anything, to actually protect content. They are too easily circumvented and there are many legitimate reasons to do those activities on a site.

    Once again though, thank you very much for bringing this issue to the forefront and to a new audience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

  6. Tech-n-Tricks says

    Nice Tip of using plugin and all but if someone want to copy your article then they can also copy it from your source code bu hitting “Ctrl +U”. Because there are no restriction there and even they can remove back-link at d time of publishing.
    Plz do something 4 that becaz I hat Plagiarism.

  7. Hetal Shah says

    Nice informative post.

    Thanx for sharing very useful website like “”. This is a brillient idea to get benefit from content theft…

    Enjoy reading all your post.

  8. kakasab says

  9. Jens P. Berget says

    I have never actually noticed if any of my articles have been “stolen”. Well, I’ve seen a few of them on other sites, but then they’ve linked back to my blog (even if they didn’t ask me if they could copy the article, as long as they provide a backlink I believe it’s ok).

    Thanks a lot for this advise.

  10. Jignesh Padhiyar says

    Hey Jaydip,

    Awesome information and thanks for sharing “Content Theft WordPress Plugin”, I am looking for such great plugin for blogger…


    • Jaydip Parikh says


      There are some limited options available in Blogpsot compare to self hosted wordpress. I guess you can apply some JAVA SCRIPTS to prevent from content theft. I am not knowing any Script/ plugin can help you for Blogspot.

      Any one else is knowing about this kind of plugin ?

      • Kamal Hasa says

        Best thing to do is interlink your own blog posts as much as possible. So content theft or not, it’s a thumbs up :)