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How to Encrypt Folder with Password Using Lock-A-Folder?

How to Encrypt Folder with Password Using Lock-A-Folder?

Do you want to protect a folder that contains all your confidential files? And are you searching for a freeware to encrypt folder with password? Here we have discussed about the must have freeware that can handle this task. Lock-A-Folder is a tiny freeware that is capable to hide folders with the easiest interface. It asks for the master password at the first launch and allows you to select the folders to hide, folders get invisible as soon as you select them.

Lock-A-Folder is one of the best tool to encrypt folder with password. Moreover it is an Open source project that allows you to download the copy of source code to study and modify as well. You can even include your ideas and re-distribute it to your friends.

Salient Features of Lock-A-Folder

  • First of all Lock-A-Folder is a freeware and an open source project
  • Lock-A-Folder is very small in size that acquire little amount of space in your hard disc
  • It won’t run at windows startup and create additional services
  • It uses the fastest folder locking method
  • It runs smoothly in windows platforms including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Lock-A-Folder works with the file systems including FAT32 and NTFS
  • It supports both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit versions

How to encrypt folder with password using Lock-A-Folder?

Using Lock-A-Folder to encrypt folder with password is seamless. Just go through the steps below to hide your folder that contains confidential files.

  1. Run Lock-A-Folder software from start menu
  2. It asks for the master password at the first launch which is required to open this software each time you run it
    lock a folder master password
  3. Now click on “Lock A Folder” button and choose the folder you wish to lock
    lock folder
  4. That’s it.. The folder gets invisible as soon as you select it.
    encrypt folder with password

To download this must have freeware, navigate your browser to

Another tool which you can use is Winrar which is also famous for folder encryption and locking them with a password. Though, I find this Lock a folder to be simple and effective. You might like to check out: Must have Windows software’s. Do let me know which software are you using to encrypt your files and folders?

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