How to Enable Threaded Comments on Facebook Pages

Facebook page is all about engaging with users, and till now we use tagging feature on pages to reply to a comment. This was useful as users get notification for a replied comment, but for other users this is not so handy, as one have to scroll all the way up to see the comment for which reply is made. This becomes a headache, when you are checking replies on a Facebook post with 100+ comments, as you need to scan every comments to see the original comment for which reply is made. Today, Facebook launched a new update for Fan page which will let you enable the threaded comment. That means, you can now directly reply to a comment, and it will appear right below it. This will be handy for admins and users, and more over this will also improve the engagement on your blog. By default Facebook threaded comment is not enabled, and you need to activate it manually.

How to activate Reply to comments feature on Facebook pages:

If you are a page admin, you will either notice a pop up on your page to turn on replies, or you can do it manually by editing your page. Here is a quick guide to get it done:

  • Go to the page you are admin of
  • Click on Edit page > Manage Permissions
  • Scroll down to replies, and check the check box to enable this feature.
  • Click on Save and you are done.

Enable threaded replies on Facebook pages

This is a small update, but from a page admin point of view, this is very useful for more user engagement. Also from the same setting page, you can enable many more features, if you haven’t. Here are few features which you should definitely enable:

  • Everyone can post to Fan page timeline
  • People can tag photos posted by Fan page
  • Show “Message” button on Fan page

Like reply to comments, there are many more features are there that every admin should enable for better management of fan pages, and one of them is on-site notifications, which you should also consider activating.

If you are a page admin, here are couple of articles from our Facebook archive that you should not miss:

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Abhinav Jain says

    Hi i have a question? By allowing replies to comments on my page do not you think people will start spamming ?

  2. says

    Thank you Harsh for sharing this, I just enabled Reply To Comments on my facebook page. However, I didn’t notice any new button or place where I can reply directly to a comment. Do you have a screenshot of threaded comments? I already checked your fanpage and I haven’t found any there as well.

  3. Stephen Malan says

    You say the reply to comments is a small update, but sometimes we overlook the small things that later cause us a bigger headache. Or some lost opportunities, or not having our FB as usefull as it should be.

    Thanks for the post!