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How to Enable Facebook Timeline Profile Now

How to Enable Facebook Timeline Profile Now

Update Dec 24th 2011 : Finally Facebook rolled out new facebook timeline feature for everyone. Now, you don’t need to follow this lengthy process to enable Facebook timeline on your profile. All you need to do is, Follow this tip to enable Facebook timeline profile.

So, you sat home last night and watched the f8 Developer Conference like a regular geek. You definitely must’ve heard about the new and improved Facebook profile called Timeline that they announced at the conference yesterday. Well, looks like it’ll take months to reach out to everyone who’s using Facebook. However, if you were truly impressed with new Timeline profile, then there is a way that you can try it out right away to see how and what it feels like.

The Timeline, is pretty amazing and beautiful to look at. It’s also a great tool for a stalker as the Timeline features everything that you’ve ever done and will ever do on Facebook. Even though it’s all cool and pretty to look at, it does take some time to set it all up, so I’m not really sure if regular Facebook users take all the time to get the Timeline setup. That said, the new layout is more of a visual experience, the story of your life, your story that you’d want to share with everyone.

So, if you’re one of those who want to try out the new and fresh Facebook Timeline Profile, then here’s an easy tutorial on how to enable it even before it’s available to the public. To do this, you’ll need to enable Developer mode and even create an app, but don’t worry, it’s pretty simple.

Guide to Enable Facebook Timeline

Before you get started, make sure you have a phone number linked to your Facebook profile. That’s really important.

Search for Developer App on Facebook or navigate to

Select Create New App option and give a name/namespace for your app. It can be anything, since we are not really creating anything useful here. This is just to get approved as a Facebook developer and get to use the Timeline feature.

You’ll some app details now. Go to the left sidebar and select Open Graph. Now type in a test action such as read a book, watch a movie or something similar. It’s all laid out right in front of you, so don’t worry.

Now it’ll ask you to fill in some details, but don’t worry about that. Just select Next and next unless you see the Save and Finish page. Your app will be created and nobody, but you will know about it.

That’s it. Now go to your profile and you should see an Invitation to try out the new Timeline profile.

Click on Get it now and you should have the new Timeline profile.

Here’s a video tutorial of the same:

Are you going to enable Facebook Timeline profile or not? If you don’t like it and want to disable it, then Sign in using another device to disable the Timeline.
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  • kibria hossain

    I can not access to my developer apps on facebook using firefox, it says an secuirity erorr, I also can’t change settings of my facebook page, please help me

  • Dennies John

    Yeah only developers can see! but it will be available for all from Oct 1st

  • Kaxil

    I think if we enable it the way as you have showed, only the people who have created a facebook app can view that, other normal users cannot view our timeline as profile ? pls reply soon..

  • Gaurav Garg

    how to remove time line from my profile….?

  • zx

    Its easy!
    If you want to remove the App u created thru developer App, just visit then click on Edit app button of the app which you’ve created and click Delete App. Your Facebook Timeline App is deleted and your profile is now back in the old Facebook Interface.

    If you wanna remove/uninstall the developer app totally from your Apps/Privacy Settings, Just go to scroll down and click “Remove Application” and confirm the same by clicking on Remove option and you should see the confirmation window as “You have removed Developer.”

  • Robert

    Nice one, thanks for this but when are facebook going to roll it out to everyone else officially?

  • Akshay Jain


    I got this timeline just after 15 minutes of f8 and even launched the way that how to get the timeline. But the problem is i forget to press the publish button. Now only i can see the timeline but other people who also have timeline can’t see my profile. My appearing to them as a old one only.

    Please help!

  • vivek

    How i remove Facebook Timeline from my profile?


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