How to Earn Genuine Twitter Followers

There are many ways to gain followers on Twitter, but the followers that are most useful are genuine followers that you earn. Genuine followers are people who have an interest in what you are tweeting. They are also more likely to respond to a call to action, like reading your blog, hiring you as a service provider, or becoming one of your business’s customers. There are programs that automate the process of building followers on Twitter, but very often, they are people who have no interest in your field.

Tweet Useful Information

  • Updates about breaking news or other interesting information related to your niche makes for great Twitter content. If you present yourself as a resource on Twitter, people will follow you to keep up with your latest updates.

Be Courteous

  • If someone retweets your information or mentions you in an @ reply, be sure to thank them. A sincere thank you shows appreciation and encourages them to do so again in the future.

Use Hashtags

  • Hashtags are searchable words or phrases on Twitter that will help people find your tweets. People who are interested in the subject are likely to become genuine followers. For example, a good tweet for this post would be =How to earn genuine #Twitter followers. Adding the # sign in front of the word Twitter makes it a hashtag people can find.

Be Sociable

  • Occasionally tweet an anecdote or witty observation. Comment on other people’s tweets. Participate in discussions. Don’t just use Twitter for promotions or regurgitating information. Twitter is social media; it is supposed to be fun. You will earn followers that are more genuine if you come across as someone with a real personality instead of an online robot. However, don’t get too personal. Keep in mind that you are publishing your statements on the Internet. Avoid offending people or publishing anything that makes you look bad. It is okay to share your opinion, but avoid weighing in too heavily on controversial topics.

Follow Back

  • If someone in your field or someone who shows genuine interests in your tweets starts following you on Twitter then follow them back. Following them back shows mutual respect and helps build relationships. However, you should be selective about who you follow. Some people follow every person they find on Twitter just to build followers. Stick to following people whose tweets are relevant to your interests. It is even more important that you don’t follow someone whose ideals work against your goals or anyone who is controversial to the point of being offensive.

Unless you are a major celebrity involved in a hot scandal, it takes time to build genuine followers on Twitter. However, if you take the time to earn your Twitter followers instead of trying to “buy” them with an automatic adding program, you will get much better results from your Twitter marketing.

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Gustavo | GizmosHub says

    I started to get more followers and more traffic from twitter when I started following users interested in my topic. Around 40% started following me back :)

  2. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    The best point I liked it “follow back”.
    If someone follows, we should follow them back.

  3. SathishKumar says

    This is exactly what I am doing for the past one month. Hope it works out and helps me to bring genuine followers. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

  4. Isha Singh says

    from few months i didn’t tweeted much and for that i lost my most of the followers.. will try the tips to get the genuine one’s..