How to Download Facebook Albums in One Click

The one thing that people often visit Facebook is to view their friends photos and check what everyone has been up to. It is only normal that you might want to download all those albums on to your desktop to view later. Since Facebook changed the way albums are uploaded, there have been many tools available to download albums, upload albums and do other things. Here are two simple ways to download your friends and your albums from Facebook using two simple tools.

People want to download albums because it helps them to save all those photos of their friends and family on to their hard-drive or other storage media. Suppose you’re viewing someone’s album and were interrupted by something/someone, then it’d be really handy if you store the whole album for later viewing.


This is one of the easiest tools available for downloading your favorite Facebook albums. You don’t have to pay for it and neither do you have to share any of your account information with them. All you have to do is, log-in to fbDownloader using your Facebook ID and then allow access for the application to share photos. Using fbDownloader you can download all your albums at once, all your tagged photos and your friends photo album.

How to Install and use fbDownloader

  • Visit and click on the install button. It will download Installiq and then begin downloading fbDownloader and installing it.
  • Once the installation is done, open fbDownloader(you’ll need to have Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework installed).
  • Now login to your Facebook profile and allow access to the application. You’ll then see the following window.

You can select any option given and then download yours or your friends photo album. There is also an option to download the albums in black and white, don’t really know why you’d want to do that.


This is a second choice for those who want a more simpler solution than fbDownloader. Fuschipranie is a Firefox extension that enables a Facebook user to directly download albums in just one click. I know the name of the program sounds really weird and most of you may not want to download it, but trust me it works really well. I tried this extension and it downloads all the photos from you or your friends albums just as easily.

How to use Fluschipranie

  • Download the Fluschipranie extension for Firefox from here.
  • Once installed, log-in to your Facebook profile and when browsing any album from your or your friends right click the album.
  • You’ll see an option “fluschipranie’s download.

  • Click on fluschipranie’s download to select your download location and then it’ll automatically download all the photos to that location.

That’s all you have to do with this little extension. No complicated stuff, just plain downloaded photo albums of the Girl you have a crush on so you can stare at them all the time. Kidding of course!!

Try these and tell us which one did you liked better and was more useful.

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  1. Gautham @ Devlup says

    Hi Siddie ,

    Good one !! Just want to know whether we can do this manually in facebook rather than going to any third party softwares .

    I have another doubt , you mentioned in blog “that neither do you have to share any of your account information with them. All you have to do is, log-in to fbDownloader using your Facebook ID and then allow access for the application to share photos.”

    How fbdownloader can download our whole album , without knowing
    our information . I mean , sharing of account information is done.

    If i am wrong , Please correct .


  2. Harsh says

    I would certainly prefer fbDownloader over Fuschipranie coz I need to download anything in that case.

  3. DHARMESH BA@igurutalks says

    I have a tried a lots of add on previously but this one is super cool with great customizations

  4. divas@best android apps says

    Another alternative to download Facebook albums can be Pick N Zip…
    Nice post!

  5. Dheeraj says

    I don’t think so, there is any need to mess with third party Tools. Facebook is providing Backup download option and You will get backup of whole Facebook account at no cost.

  6. Usman@FirstHosting says

    haha, well that is not good but may be i m still going to use it :)

  7. Rahul Ghosh says

    Thanks for the post i am gonna remember this one and use it to download some of my favorite albums to my PC :)