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How to Disable Yahoo Messenger Buzz Feature?


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How to Disable Yahoo Messenger Buzz Feature?

Yahoo messenger Buzz is one of the feature that I always missed seeing in other IM clients which I use. I have been a big fan of this feature, but in recent days, I have been getting many spam Buzz and specially when I’m at Work this buzz feature in Yahoo IM is very irritating. Here I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how you can disable Buzz feature of Yahoo IM.

yahoo messenger buzz

Follow the steps and disable Yahoo messenger buzz shaking of your screen.

  • Open Yahoo messenger
  • Press CTRl+SHFT+P
  • Under preference go to Sounds And Alert
  • select A messenger contacts Buzzes me
  • And un-check Shaking the message Window
  • Press apply and click on ok

You are done, Now no can save your self from the annoying Yahoo buzz. all you will have will have sound notification. Quick but simple tip which will help you to ignore annoying friends on Yahoo IM. Do let us know which IM are you using these days?

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