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How to disable GoogleUpdate.exe?

How to disable GoogleUpdate.exe?

When we use any Google software like Google chat or any other app, Google install few services to track the status of it’s software. For example, gupdatem takes care of software update. If you disable gupdatem service, it will not check for any updated software. Now, if you have gone through my earlier post on must have Windows software and using Filehippo update checker, you can always manually install the software updates and you don’t need services like Googleupdate.exe or any other.

I have this habit of keep a track of all the services running on my Windows OS to make sure no spam or virus is running on my PC and I always keep track of which process is running on my system for two purpose:

google updateexe

Security and Resource

I don’t know how many of you have noticed GoogleUpdate.exe as a task in your task manager, Though it is not resource hungry but I like to update the most of the service myself so I disable those update which I require once in a while.

How to disable GoogleUpdate.exe ?

Follow these simple steps to disable GoogleUpdates automatically.

Go to Control Panel> Schedule tasks

Select GoogleUpdatetaskuser

Select the task and click on delete and confirm it by clicking on yes.

Once done go to task manager and kill the Googleupdater process, from now on when you will restart your pc you will not see the Googleupdater process in your task manager.

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  • Web Design

    I dunt have words to thank you, because i’ll have to disable all the time this Gupdate.exe and by defualt in few minutes it run again. I’m going to check this out today itself.

  • BAS

    This is the only thing I hate abt google products, even if you are using google toolbar smthing like googletoolbarnotifier.exe willl be shown up in task manager


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