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How to Delete Orkut Account Permanently?

How to Delete Orkut Account Permanently?

Update: Google decided to shut-down orkut, and September 30th 2014 is the last day for orkut. If you are someone who is still using orkut and want to backup your orkut data including photos, you can do the same using Google Takeout service, where your orkut backup will stored till September 2016. There is one good news for orkut communities owner, you can still keep your communities alive by keeping in archive mode. All you need to do is, follow the instructions here on official help page and after that your communities will remain visible on web for read-only mode.

I have been orkut fan  from the day it started. If my memory is not wrong, I believe I was in my college days that time. Though, with time social networking in India has changed a lot and people moved to Facebook and even Google, also started treating orkut as just another social networking site after launch of Google+. For users, who wish to close their orkut identity can learn here about how to delete orkut account once and for all.

Though, keeping your orkut account will not hurt if you have linked it to your Google account, but still I will rather prefer to remove such personal data which I’m probably not going to use any more. Not sure, when Google is planning to integrate migration tool for Orkut to Google+ but instead of waiting for it, you can always delete your orkut profile.

Orkut used to be most popular social networking website in India and Brazil but lately most of the people become Facebook fan boy and they have to be, as we pointed it out in advantages of Facebook post.

Guide to Delete orkut account:

One easy and dumb way to get rid of orkut is by deleting your Google account, which I would not recommend. Instead, orkut which is just a service linked to your account, we can delete that.

You can directly open this link and you might need to login with your orkut password to confirm you wish to delete your orkut profile. Here is the direct link to delete orkut account and once you are logged in, you will see a screen like this:

delete orkut account

You need to check the box which says : Yes I want to permanently remove orkut from my Google account.

This page itself explains that your account will be gone and you will require to create a new orkut profile to bring back your orkut identity. But, I wonder after Facebook and Google+, if you will ever go back to orkut?

In case, if you don’t want to follow the above direct link, you ca do the same by loging into your Orkut account > Settings > General and rest this screenshot is seld-explainatory on how to close your orkut ID:

Orkut Settings

Usually it takes 24-48 hours for complete deletion of your account, but before you delete orkut account, I would suggest you to be sure about it. If you have too many memories and data like photos and videos, either create  a backup of all or make sure you have those photo’s on your system or anywhere else.

Well, since you are here to learn about deleting your orkut account, I would love to know where are you heading now: Google+ or Facebook?

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  • sujatatambe

    please delete my orkut account permanetly..

  • Sam

    I think Orkut needs a huge makeover to compete with top sites like Facebook

  • Priyank Pandey

    Yeah, right Harsh Sir…Facebook and Google + changed all the social networking world…Now in present orkut users are moving to facebook and number of Orkut users are decreasing day by day….There is no use of account in orkut now…So we should delete by method you told us….thanks for this..:)

  • amod

    @Harsh thanks for reminding me there was something called as orkut even i was planning to delete my account from it…


    I am already on facebook,twitter,google plus its dificult to manage all.its high time to delete orkut account.

  • Lazy Pineapple

    Thanks so much for this post. I deleted my orkut account using your tips :)

    I am using both Facebook and Google + at the moment.

  • Zeeshan

    After reading this post i remember that i have an orkut profile which i have not used for a long time. Now i will delete it instantly.

  • sahil

    Harsh , you are absolutely right that we should remove the data from sites which are not used .
    People have started using FB so widely and forgotten Orkut,
    Even i don’t remember when did i check my orkut last.

  • Rajnish

    I was also using Orkut from around 3 years, but i think it is not good anymore.

  • Athul

    facebook is my choice, its easy to use and load faster than google plus


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