How to Delete All Imported Notes on Facebook Quickly

Lately I have been talking a lot about Google panda and being penalized by Google, I have all the reasons to dig down the slimmest of loophole which can cause penalty. So I believe all who have been penalized by Google panda must have seen their Facebook notes are outranking original content. Atleast this is true in my case. I have been using Notes application to import my feeds into my wall and thus used to drive some decent traffic from Facebook.

Delete All Imported Notes

Facebook Notes application used to use my RSS feeds to import the content so it meant, a copy of my blog was on Facebook via notes application.  This was good at one point of time but after panda rolled out, Google started ranking those notes better than original content. Sigh!! So the first thing which I did was to stop importing content from my feeds but what about already imported content?

Anyways, the only solution was to delete all the notes from my notes and let Google treat my blog content as original content. Though the problem is deleting all imported notes via feeds which is almost 1000 in numbers. It’s impossible to delete all notes one by one from web interface as it requires lots of click and time.

I have found a handy solution but this again requires time and effort but yes, too less time compare to above method. In this process you need an iPhone (bag, borrow or steal), and download Facebook for iPhone.

Once logged into Facebook for iPhone, go to it’s dashboard and click on Notes app which is on the second page.


Now you will see all notes by you there and now your manual work starts. You need to swipe your finger to bring delete button and simply click delete. This might take some time but yes, it’s the easiest way for now to delete notes in bulk.


I have deleted almost half of my imported notes and now waiting for another leisure time (usually travelling) when I can delete all others pending notes.

I will update if there is any other better way comes in future or if you have any other tip to share to delete Facebook notes in bulk, do let us know via comments.

So have you spotted any problem with indexing Facebook notes in Google? What steps or measures have you taken to fight against this problem?

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Raj @ Blogging Tips & Tricks says

    Oh i am not aware of this.. I am simply updating my blog feed as notes in FB… going a head to delete the notes.. luckily I have iPod Touch which will serve the purpose..

  2. Junaid says

    I don’t do the notes thing on facebook but it’s a great tip from you. I liked the firefox add on which could clean off your homepage of the bulky posts etc

  3. Mushfique says

    Though I do not have any notes in fb notes, this is one good tips for those affected !!
    “In this process you need an iPhone (bag, borrow or steal)”- wish I could steal an iPhone :P Lol