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Number of social networking sites are increasing every day, but it doesn’t stop people from creating another one. There is always a requirement for creating a niche based social networking site. For example, if you have a college, you can create a social networking site, which is solely for your college members and students. Or you can create a community driven social networking sites for your locality, interest or anything which help users to connect with each other.  Today, I will be talking about PHPFOX which offers you the quickest way to create a Social networking site of your own, and you can easily manage it too.

phpfox Social networking site

Details and overview of PHPFOX Script

PHPFox” is a great social networking script, built in PHP & MySQL. Phpfox is very easy to use, you don’t need to do any coding and other complicated stuffs like that, just install this script in your webserver/web host and you’re ready to go

Features of PHPFOX

This Script has got lots of features, and here are some of the notable features:

  • Easy to use Administration Panel
  • Ability to run advertisements & earn lots of money
  • Ability to easily integrate with CDN (Content Delivery Network) to boost the speed of your website
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Mobile Website (webpages for mobile with smaller screens)
  • AJAX Browsing & Search
  • Ability to Install new apps/games
  • Easy to use CMS (Content Management System) & Theme Manager
  • Multilingua l(You can Install many additional language packages)
  • Marketplace, very similar to ebay. Where users can list their items
  • Account Privacy (very similar to facebook eg; blocking, privacy level, etc)
  • Timeline, very similar to facebook
  • Ability to add/create blogs, photos, forums, videos, music, polls, quizzes, events, etc
  • Additional Third Party features, that you can add later- video chat, radio, TV, Arcade flash games, user map, advanced marketplace, advanced photo library, documents, jokes, etc


1. Timeline


2. Ajax Homepage & Search

Ajax homepage Social network

3. Responsive Mobile Website

Responsive mobile

4. Default Home (with no customization)

Default Homepage Social network

5. Admin Panel

PHPFOX Social networking

6. Site Settings

PHPFOX site settings

7. Manage  Advertisements

PHPFOX Advertisement management

8. Site Stats

PHP Fox Stats

9.  Manage Users

Users management

Package Variations and pricing

The features of PHPFox defers with the type of package, there are 3 packages available-

  • 1. Lite Package, contains the basic phpfox package, with no extra features
  • 2. Network Package, contains the basic phpfox package and some extra features
  • 3. Community Package, contains the basic phpfox package, all the features, extra plugins, and extended support

**The community package is the best of all that includes all the features that you want**

phpfox package variations

Webhosting Requirement for using PHPFOX Script

These are the basic requirements for running this script

  • Apache or NGINX Web-server
  • PHP 5.1 or later
  • MySQL 4.1 or later

How To Build Social Network using PHPFOX Script on Your web-server

Installation of PHPFOX script is straight-forward, and here is how you can get it done:

Download the PHPFOX package from the site (Link), and upload the script to your server’s home directory via FTP.

1. Just type the URL in any web-browser- , then it will take you to the installation page

which looks kinda like this, then click “Proceed to next step”

PHPFOX Installation

2.Next, you’ll be granted to provide the database Configuration. enter the details and click “Proceed to next step”. On your live server, you can follow this tutorial to learn how to create database manually on a cPanel hosting.

Database configuration

3.Installation will now be started, wait for it till it completes.


4. Final Step, now provide Administrator Account Details & click “Submit

Admin details

5.Hooray!, now it’s completed the installation, now you can login with your administrator account.

Social networking site created

Now, you can start working on customization and branding of newly created social networking site.

Last Words

It has been almost around 6 months since, I have been using this script for my website, during this much time of usage I found out that it’s the best script to build your social network site, there are lots of others like- Dolphin, Jcow, etc. but no one can match the features that PHPFox has. So, if you have been waiting to create your own Social networking site, it’s the right time to do. If you still have any questions for the same, feel free to let me know via comments.

If you use any other script to create your social networking site, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. steward says

    “Yes, It is developer friendly. I think you can edit it”

    This comment is not from a developer. Caveat reader.

    I advise shoppers to register at fox and browse the developer’s forum.

    Note phpfox does not participate. They moderate the hell out of it, but contributing developers are scarce. For a product with jillions of installations, help from other developers is limited. Basically the source code is proprietary and sparsely documented (if at all).

    If you plan on hiring someone to make changes, have them browse the same forum, review the API and examine the code. Make sure they wan to support you!

    It is their stated and actively pursued policy to withdraw support for anyone who modifies the code. “Developer friendly” is the author’s opinion.

    Not saying it is a bad choice. But this guys’ enthusiasm has not yet been tempered by running a large site or developing/fixing.

    And you will need to fix it. The Q&A procedure is to release a candidates and wait for bug reports. How many real developers are participating (ie contributing bug reports) ? Look at the quality of bug reports and feature requests (quality from a developer’s point of view).

    If you intend to modify the code…

    In the long run, you may be better off with a smaller feature set but a stabler and more supported code base for adding your own features. Compare with forums and resources for open source projects.

  2. Dhimas says

    hay,i have problem,in final step im cannot finish instalation because when im submit this phpfox always stuck in step 9 (create admin)

    please help me

  3. Kushal Azza says

    Super Script :)
    Best for creating college social hosted on localhost server and accessing using same WiFi network.

  4. Ugee says

    This is really cool. It looks just like facebook. Please is the PHPFOX script editable after purchase. I mean can I make personal changes to the script? I would really like to get it, but I also need to change somethings in the script to make it unique.

  5. Sandeep says

    I see this is a good tool but have a question. If compared with WordPress+BuddyPress which I believe you may be knowing about, what advantage does PHPFox have over it? I mean WP+BP is free, backed by thousands of people from the open source community, has millions of plugins and themes and a support system that never fails.
    I don’t know how much PHP Fox performs but any significant advantage that you can come up with?

  6. Puranjay says

    that was actually very good and ineresting and now i m thinkin abt creating one for my school…but my quest is that does it have its own inbuilt advertising system which requires no third party use?

  7. says

    Phpfox scripts looks good and promising.
    Also, it looks highly inspired from facebook….
    i gots something good in scripts after many days…
    thanks for reviewing it….