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How to Create A Torrent File and Upload Using uTorrent

How to Create A Torrent File and Upload Using uTorrent


The explosion of peer to peer file sharing has reached so many.   Still, there are those who aren’t sure how to get started.   For those who want to “get in” but do not know how, we created this simple step-by-step guide on How to create a Torrent file and how to upload torrent file to a torrent site.

Torrents are the best way to share files. It works on peer to peer file sharing protocol. A torrent is actually a small file with extension .torrent which contains information about the tracker and where the file is located. To download a torrent file you need a torrent client like utorrent, bittorrent. Almost every torrent site offers free file upload in the form of torrent file.

There are two types of torrent users:

  1. Seeders: People who upload file or people who download and seed file for upload. In this tutorial I will show you how you can create a torrent file for both public and private torrent sites.
  2. Leechers: People who download file and then remove the torrent ( no further upload ). That’s where Private torrent trackers comes in action. Every user have to maintain 1:1 ratio (download:upload) else his account will be banned and I personally promote private torrent trackers for the same reason.

Regardless of what your style is, remember that it’s a world of reciprocation.   This is not the place to discuss leechers vs. seeders.   On to the tutorial.

How to create a torrent file

Very first step for creating and upload torrent file is to build the torrent file for the files you wish to upload. I also suggest you to check out Torrent clients, which will give you list of torrent software’s for your OS. So, we need two things to get started with our first torrent:

  1. Torrent builder : In our case we are using utorrent)
  2. Torrent tracker: You can get the tracker address from the website for which you are creating torrent.

In this case I will be creating for one of the private torrent website, bwtorrents, though the process is almost the same for all the websites. The only difference is the tracker address.

Step 1
Download torrent software from utorrent download page. Install the software and open it. You will be seeing uTorrent screen with nothing. Depending upon which OS you are on (Windows or Mac) click on file and select new torrent. Here is a screenshot from my Mac OS, for Windows it would be almost similar:
Create new torrent

Now you have to decide what are you going to upload a file or a directory? In our case we will be sharing a directory which contains 2 files.   Browse the directory and now open your torrent website where you want to upload the torrent. I have listed down some of the popular torrent tracker, which you need to add in here.




See the screenshot for better understanding:

Select file and add torrent tracker

After selecting the file and adding the tracker, click on create and save as. Now save the created torrent file on your desktop and next step is to upload it to any public torrent site. If you plan to share it with selected friends, you can do the same by sending the torrent file directly to your friends and no need to upload the torrent file on Public torrent sites.

How to Upload Torrent file?

Now there are two options: “Start seeding” and “private torrent

Start Seeding option:

In some private torrent website you first need to upload the torrent and then download the torrent from there and then seed (upload) the file. So its better if you make it a habit for every website.

Private torrent option:

Private torrent option if checked disables DHT that means in case if the tracker is down it use the other means to exchange peers. This should be checked only if you are creating torrent for public torrent and unchecked if you are creating for private torrent because private torrent needs to keep a track of your download and upload ratio. So better leave it unchecked.

Step 7

Open your favorite torrent website and go to the right category and click on upload torrent and give all the details you can provide there. If you are uploading movies or some video do provide them with few Screen-shots.
Step 8

Once done download the torrent file and open it using your client. I would recommend utorrent for its ease of use and stability. Open then downloaded torrent file and in the location navigate it to the folder you used to create the torrent file:

saving torrent file

You will see a screen shot like this after that it shows that you have finished downloading the file (100%) and now you are seeding.

torrent tutorial final screenshot

Within a minute it will show connected and congratulation now you have become a seeder. Specially, if you are using Private torrent tracker sites, I would suggest to maintain a ratio of atleast 1 to make sure your account is never banned. Most of private torrent tracker sites, requires you to maintain a strict ratio, else you might not allow to download new files.

Do let us know if you have ever creates a Torrent and have you ever upload torrent file to any torrent website? 

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  • Vikash


    I have some torrent which I want to promote… and wanted to know the various means of promoting them (including sponsored torrent links). Example- IF I want my torrents to appear as direct download options or fast download…or as the top appearing link amongst the torrents then how do I ensure that.

    Request you to guide me through the process or any solution that you know of.


    Vikash Modi

  • michaelsmind

    Hello. I appreciate the information you have provided. I desperately want to share my library of film & movies. Unfortunately, I am an idiot & cannot figure out how to
    properly upload a single flick. If you or anyone feels generous with their time & knowledge I am a willing student. Again, I simply want to add my large library of both Asian & other foreign films as well as domestic (USA) to the folks trolling the online world of downloading. After all, we all know how good it feels when we finally come across that obscure hard to find movie we have been searching for, & get it downloaded. Real quick I want say, on one sight when i tried to upload it said my torrent file should have a “.torrent extension” I have no idea to get that done. Just typing it in does not work. If anyone can direct me to a person that is willing to help me figure this out I will be very thankful. And remeber guys Karma is a good thing. Help me out & I’m sure good things will come back to you.

  • mary maccammon

    Hi, I am using uTorrent and The Pirate Bay. My question is do I have to do something special to upload? Is the proceedure of my downloading and letting the dowload seed fully enough? I am confused. I save my torrents in a seperate file, but also, I don’t remove them from uTorrent; by not removing them from uTorrent can people upload my torrents?
    Also, I downloaded a file extension program to deal with FLAC files which I cannot open. I use Vista 64 and Internet Explore 8.
    I would appreciate also if you could explain to me the 1 to 1 ratio I am supposed to maintaine to contribute to the file sharing community. I want to comply with the rules, please advise.
    These questions may seem dumb, but I am pretty good at computer stuff (but, my 28-year old son still has to tutor me a lot.)
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

  • Luke

    Hello, I’ve followed all the steps, and created a public torrent, even though I’m seeding now, my friend who is a Peer trying to download can’t do it for some reason… do you now why that is?

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Have a Nice Day,

    please any body help me to create torrent file, i want to send morethan 100 file (only jpeg) to my brother………

    I will be grateful to you if you would help in this matter favorably.


  • crazyhell

    hiyaa buddy. i have download torrent links of movies from site, now i want to put that link in my website. can you tell me what is the way to put the links in own website.
    I put them directly/and inside folder, but when someone try to download them they give error like 403 forbidden or the not torrent valid file.

  • phil

    Good clear instructions. Thanks. Just one small point. I think the word leechers is used to signify people who are downloading and doesn’t have any pejorative connotation. After you leech you shouls then leave the file in place and you become a seed.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Thanks for sharing its really very useful for me…..I know how to download from torrent but I wanted to know how to upload on torrent.

    Anyways thanks for this post

    Good Stuff.

  • lee

    this I have never done before I still need time and more information to learn how to up load & down load in torrent

  • Gaius

    Hi there – excellent tutorial, but a small question. You say:
    “Start Seeding option: In some private torrent website you first need to upload the torrent and then download the torrent from there and then seed (upload) the file. So its better if you make it a habit for every website.”
    Question: are you saying we should say yes to seed when setting up a torrent for a private tracker – or that we should uncheck the box and not seed for private trackers.
    Bit confused.

  • Elipse

    Hey, thanks! THis is a great tutorial. To be honest, I’m not here to learn to create torrents, my problem is that I have created a couple of torrents, seeded them for a few days, and them removed them from utorrent. I saw that there were leechers and no seeders for these, so I decided to seed again. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do this without downloading the torrent again, and with 0 seeders, that might be a little difficult. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Elipse

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that I deleted the torrent, but still have the files. I know how to restart a torrent that I still have. I would like to seed a torrent I deleted, without having to reupload it to the web. Thanks again.

      • Harsh Agrawal

        Elipse, the best way what you can do here is, Download the Torrent file you have uploaded on Internet. Browse your current file location and start seeding. I hope it will help you.

        • Elipse

          I copied the files into my downloads folder, downloaded the torrent from the web, and utorrent just checked the files. Now, I’m seeding again without having to download the files again. I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but your reply lead to this result, so Thanks A Bunch!!

  • spellathon

    Hey harsh, great research on how to make torrent file. You are always coming up with cool ideas. Keep it up.

  • Anurag

    it is a nice tutorial but can u tell me that suppose my sister frm US creates a torrent using utorrent ,meant to be used by me only , if i ask her to paste an TRACKER

    unchecked private torrent ….and create the torrent…..
    Now if i ask here to send me the file she created as a torrent via email and i open it with utorrent do u think this will work….

    Does the tracker site and the site where torrent is to be uploaded be same ?
    Does the ip address being used as traker in utorrent work ?
    The thing is piratebay consists of adult content though is old enough but i can take her to such a site plzzzz help me out


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