How to Create Table in WordPress Blog Post using Windows Live writer

How many of you ever wanted to create a table in WordPress blog post or in BlogSpot blog post. Some time when you are doing a comparison, you might find that you need to create a table to show quick comparison. You can see an example of such tables on my last post “Bluehost vs. Hostgator vs. Dreamhost”.  Here is the screenshot of table which I created there:

wordpress-table--example Though if you wish to create a stylish table in WordPress and if you are familiar with CSS, you can use a plugin call wp table reloaded and create a table like this:



Anyways, in this post we will be talking about how you can add a table into your WordPress blog post using Windows live writer.

In Windows live writer, click on Insert and select table. You will have an option to define the width, number of rows and number of columns.

windows-live-writer-table-option So with the above mentioned config, my table will look like this:

BlogSpot Google Unlimited space No FTP access
WordPress Automattic Limited space No FTP access


Here is a video showing how you can insert table into blog post:

That’s it and now you can add details of table. In case if you need more column or row, you can right click on table and add more. Though if you have a blog where you going to use lots of tables, I would suggest start using TablePress plugin.

Do let us know which method are you using to add table into your blog post?

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  1. Sahl @HumorTechBlog says

    Oh thanks alot man, I just asked this some days back and i thought you should write a Post on this and you did :D Great!~ thats awesome of you.

  2. Miraclepitu says

    Great post Harsh, So many thanks for this tips. Coz i don’t know how to create cool table like yours. And now i wanna try it… Thanks again…

  3. Eddie Gear says

    Windows Live Writer is a fantastic tool to work on, but when it comes to creating tables, I simply hate the way it functions. The WLR team certainly has it’s task cut out as far as the table functionality is concerned. I’ve always had to switch between Word and Writer and that’s not the way it’s supposed to work! Much easier using the WP dashboard to get the job done.

  4. Seobricks says

    Thanks a lot Harsh for sharing this plugin. In the past, I had lots of problems in creating tables in my blog posts. But with this plugin, I will be able to create tables with ease. Can you share some plugin that will help us making our blog posts contents more stylish like good looking headings, lists etc

  5. hamarasathi says

    Hi, nice post, Table are essential part of my blog, i use tables to compare features and specs of different gadgets and cars. You can also copy paste excel table on MS word file and then save it with html extention,now copy the code on any location where you want to appear your tables.

  6. Deepak yadav says

    I think it is more easy in blogger i write all my posts in ms office and coping from there. Table also gets copied.

  7. Harry Sehgal says

    Thanks for Writing this post. I read your last post and i was very much interested in creating Tables in the post.