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    How to Create Secret Board in Pinterest

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    Pinterest which is one of the popular social networking sites for images is going one step ahead with a new privacy feature call Secret board. So far, there is no way of hiding your pinned stuff on Pinterest. There is no such settings as privacy which will let you set your Pinned board for any particular category like your Pinterest profile subscribers, for limited people and so on.  Now, pinterest added a new feature call “Create a secret board” , which will let you create a board which is just visible to you. This new feature is a holiday gift from Pinterest as announced in a Blog post.

    Interesting thing is, this feature is available on all the devices including (iOS, Android and web), so you don’t need to worry about if you are using Pinterest only on your iOS device or Android device. At this time, you can’t make your existing boards as secret and you can learn more about this in official support page here. One good thing about Pinterest secret board feature is, you can change a secret board into Public board. This is very helpful, when  you are launching a Pinterest campaign and you want to reveal board at the time of Campaign or contest.

    How to create your First Secret Pinterest board?

    Creating a secret board is quite easy and like you create a generic pinterest board, create one and there you will get an option to set secret as On or off.

    • Login to Pinterest account
    • Click on Add
    • Select Create Board

    Create Pinterest Board How to Create Secret Board in Pinterest
    On the next page, Keep secret as on as shown in below image:

    Secret Pinterst board How to Create Secret Board in Pinterest

    You can access your secret board at the bottom of your profile. This seems to be a good initiative by Pinterest and I hope to see more privacy settings in future. Right now, there is a limitation of 3 Secret board on Pinterest and if you wish to add more, you need to change earlier secret board to open.

    For many bloggers, specially niche targeting women (Baby, Fashion), Pinterest is very useful to drive targeted traffic. We have shared some useful articles for Bloggers and if you missed them, go ahead and get your first step at Pinterest:

    What are the best possible use of Pinterest secret board for Bloggers? Do let me know and are you using Pinterest to get traffic to your site? Don’t forget to join me on Pinterest @denharsh.

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    Secret boards sound interesting , lets wait and see their impact on the network.


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