How to Create Google Plus Profile Follow Badge

Google plus is slowly and gradually growing, and according to recent Global web index report, Google plus surpassed the Twitter in  number of active monthly users <Source>. More over, for marketers and social media people, Google plus is becoming one of those social networking website that you can’t live without. For a blogger, Google plus have great advantage in terms of search engine visibility and ranking. Here is a graph showing social networking websites in terms of active usage:

MOst active Social networking websites

For a  blogger and internet marketer, it’s becoming crucial to have their social media presence on Google plus, and just not the presence, you also need to have a good number of following on Google plus. I was one of the early adopter of Google plus, and that gave me strategically advantage of acquiring more follower at the initial stage.

For those, who haven’t yet starter their foot print on Google plus, go ahead and create a full profile on Google plus. Now, one of the most important question is how you can grow your followers on Google plus. There are various tips and tricks that you can use, but for bloggers one of the simplest way is by adding a Google plus follow widget on their blog sidebar.

Having a Google plus follow badge will let your readers quickly follow you (circle you) on Google plus, and you will be seeing a significant rise in number of Google plus followers.

How to create Google plus Profile Follow widget for your Blog?

WordPress bloggers who don’t like playing with codes, and prefer using plugins can take advantage of Google plus badge widget plugin, which will quickly let you add Google+ profile badge on your blog sidebar/widget area. You can also use official Google plus badge creator to create different type of Google plus follow badge for your profile.

Create Google plus follow badge

Head over to Google plus web badge page, and select the type of layout, colors you would like to use for your Google+ profile widget, and grab the code. You can use the same link to create follow badge for your Google plus pages. If you have not yet created Google plus pages for your websites or brand, here is a complete guide to create one for you. Once you have grabbed the code, simply place it on the text widget of your blog sidebar.  Here is how follow badge for different (profile,pages,communities) types of Google + properties will look like:

Google plus follow widget

Google plus has become a major community driven Social network, and especially if you are one of those who prefer meaningful interaction on Social networking site, Google plus is definitely a community for you right now. Unlike old days, when Google plus likes just impact search engine ranking, with recent announcement by Shimrit Ben-Yair, now Google plus likes will help you to get more traffic. You can read the announcement here.

Go ahead, and put Google plus follow badge on your blog to start getting more followers. You can see an example of such badge on ShoutMeLoud sidebar.

If you find this article interesting, do share it on Google plus. You can also join me on Google plus here and join ShoutMeLoud Google plus community here.  What other methods are you using to gain new followers on Google plus?

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  1. ravi kumar says

    Right said harsh sir. I also use it. It is essential now to integrate your website with google+ official page.

  2. PDF Search says

    I heard that, After releasing Google Panda, It also linked to your Google plus likes to get SEO ranking. More Google plus likes means high pagerank..

  3. Amrish says

    Hey Harsh . I have just created google plus profile follow badge for my blog . I have done every thing but it is not showing the number of followers Like you .

  4. says

    Great article as always Harsh! We have seen great growth with the Google Community pages. For some reason our Google+ profile never took off, but the community page did.

    There is a new free WordPress plugin widget that was released last week that makes this very easy. It was created by MyThemeShop which actually created our WordPress Theme. But anyone can download the plugin, and it works great with responsive sites.

    I saw you are using Markerly now for your graphs. Do you have any posts about Markerly and what you use it for?


  5. Anil Agarwal says

    Harsh, I’m going to try create a Google plus badge for my profile and lets see how much followers I will be able to grab through it.