How to Create Your First GIF Image on iPhone using GifBoom

One of the common thing about viral internet is, getting along in time. Some time back (even now) Memes images were viral, and these days .gif images are an attribute of a viral content. In one of the recent post (Secret Google easter eggs), guest author Raj used lots of gif images, and that post got good number of social-sharing, along with user comments on those images. Today, I will be sharing one iPhone app which creates .gif files, and how you can download gifs and use this app.

GifBoom App: Create Gif from Video on your iPhone

Gifboom is a social-networking for .gif images, where users on Android and iOS, uses this app to create .gif image from videos, images and few other sources. This is a free app, and iPhone and Android users can download from here and here respectively.

GifBoom App

Now, let me show you how easy it is to create a gif using this free iPhone app:

  • Download and install gifBoom app on your iPhone.
  • Open the app, create a free account.
  • Click on profile tab (bottom right corner), click on settings > Advanced settings and on the “Save to camera roll” option. This will ensure .gif files created using this app, will be saved on phone camera roll.
  • Once done, click on camera tab of gif boom app, and select the options which you want to use.
  • You can take a video and convert it into .gif file, or use existing images or videos to create .gif file.

Before you create your first .gif image make sure you have a vision for your output. In my case, I’m creating a simple one, where I’m explaining a simple tutorial with the help of images. Follow this guide, and your .gif will be ready in minutes.

  • Open the gifBoom app, click on camera tab,  add images and click on next.
  • On the next screen you can control transition speed between images, add effects to your .gif image, and preview it.
  • Once you are done making changes, click on next where you can preview your final output.
  • Click next, add image description, title and click on publish.
  • This will upload .gif image on your Gifboom account, and also it will save two copies of image (one in .gif and another one in .mp4 format).

Since I use Dropbox to copy all my iPhone images, Instantly I have these images on my laptop, which I can within my blog post or on social-networking sites.

So, for this tutorial instead of using too many images, I’m using below attached .gif image to explain all the above steps.

Creating first gif image

Those arrows which you see on images, are created using skitch app on iPhone. This is just a test .gif image which was created in less than 3 minutes. You can use your creativity to think of interesting gif images, and create one easily using Gifboom app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Even if you don’t want to download gifboom gif image and use it by uploading, this site also let you embed gif via iFrame code.  For example, check out this crazy girl gif image:

If you are on gifboom site, you can add me here: @denharsh. It might not be the best options for bloggers to transfer screenshots from your desktop to iPhone, and use this app to create an interesting .gif image, but with little effort you will increase the chance of your content going viral.

Do you know any other cool free iPhone app which let us create .gif image. Which is most convinient way according to you for creating .gif files? If you enjoyed this tutorial, Do share it with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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    WOW, it really very interesting and useful too. we generally used to create GIF from computer but now GifBoom App helping us to create GIF from video on iphone. its really very nice. now iphone users will create various funny and interesting GIF from their iphone devices. thanks Harsh for sharing this helpful post with us…..!!