How to Create Free jQuery Image Slider for A Website in Minutes

An image worth thousand words, yes.. you can express the message of thousand words in a single image, and for the same reason we used to see sliders in most of the modern websites. Web slider is nothing but an image container which rotates the images at the specified interval. Slider makes the website look professional and at the same time introduces all the products and services that website offers. More over, when you are using image sliders on a static business sites, you make the design look more attractive.

For sliders, we have so many options, like we can use flash based sliders, or jQuery based sliders, and today I will be talking about EasyRotator, using it you can create jQuery image slider with almost 0 coding knowledge. Before that:

Flash Slider vs jQuery image slider

flash vs jquery slider

Usually web developers prefer to use jQuery image slider in the websites as they load faster compared to flash slider and of course jQuery image slider does not rely on plugins that means the end user need not install any player or plugin to see the sliding images done with jQuery. So if you are searching for a free jQuery image slider creator then you should keep on reading to know more about it.

How to create jQuery image slider without any coding knowledge?

Creating the jQuery image slider takes much of your time as you need to write lengthy codes but here is a software that can help you create professional jQuery slider in minutes for free. EasyRotator is an Adobe AIR application to create SEO friendly jQuery image slider which is supported in all major browsers and gadgets including smartphones and tablets.  It comes up with more than 45 responsive slider templates so you can create stunning image sliders within minutes without any prior coding experience.

EasyRotator comes up in 3 different modules including a WordPress plugin, windows and mac application and a Dreamweaver extension. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful jQuery image slider with EasyRotator windows application-

  1. Download EasyRotator and install it
  2. Once installed you get a shortcut on your desktop, open the same
  3. You will be asked for the HTML page and website root folder to embed the slide, specify both fields and click “Continue”
    easyrotator start
  4. Now click on “Insert new rotator” then specify rotator name and dimension including height and width
  5. Now click on “Add photos” button and include all the images you wish to add in the slider
  6. Specify title and description for all the added images
    easyrotator adding image
  7. Now click on “General settings” and then on “Autoplay”, choose “Yes” for autoplay enabled option and set the timing below.
    Slider autoplay setting
  8. Once done click on “Preview” to have a look at your image slider, finally click on “Save and Exit” to embed the created jQuery slider in the selected HTML page.


You just learnt to create an attractive jquery image slider in less than five minutes and below is the preview of the same which is created using EasyRotator.

jquery slider example

I hope this quick design guide will help you to create your own jQuery slider. If you still have any query, feel free to ask me via comments.

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