How To Create Android App for Your Blog without Any Coding

Android OS is one of the most used mobile OS out there and having an Android app for your Blog or Website will give your reader another quick way to access your Blog. But, when ever we talk about creating a mobile app, first thing which comes in our mind is Coding. How about I share an easy and most convenient way to create a Blog android app. This is simple DIY guide and you can also later submit this app to Google play store and let your readers download app directly from official download page.

We have already covered an alternate way to create Android app for Websites and here is another way, which you might like to prefer over the earlier tutorial. Meanwhile, if you are an Android lover, here are few posts for you:

How to use AppGeyser to Create Free Android app for Blog?

You can create a professional  android app for your blog using AppGeyser, all you need is to sign up on the website. Put up the information and get started.

Step 1: First head to the link and then click on CREATE APP button.

Appsgeyser Create Android app

Step 2: Fill the required columns with the information required.

  • Website URL: Type the address of your blog.
  • App Name: Type the heading of your blog, or the name you would like to give to your app.
  • Description: Write the description of your blog.
  • Icon: Upload the .png file, this would be the icon of your blog’s app.
  • Screen orientation: The orientation of the screen, depends on your blog.
  • Category: Select the category which suits your app.

Step 3: Now, fill the required details, or you can directly connect with Facebook to login.

Step 4: That’s it. Your Android app is ready to be tested. Just click on “Test Your App” which will download the apk file of your application. Now, transfer the downloaded apk file to your mobile phone and run the same to test it.

[OPTIONAL]: You can also submit your Android app to the Google Play Store. Your App has to comply with all Play Store Policies, plus you need to have a developer account which costs $5 only. Then you are allowed to submit unlimited applications.

You’ve successfully created an Android app for your blog. Do read out guide on How to promote Android app and let me know if you face any difficulties by commenting using the comment section below.

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says

    Hey, vikas Bhai thanks for helping us.
    I am thinking about creating app for my stock advisory but I don’t have blog or website. My question is
    Can I create app without having website or blog ?

  2. Priyank Pandey says

    I’m searching for Android Apps developer for my blog from a long time. Now I’m very happy to see this that I can develop it without any coding….
    Thanks Vikas..

  3. says

    I just went through appsgeyser and found it really very easy to create mobile apps, the procedure is really very simple and without any coding knowledge .. Thanks friend for sharing the information

  4. Ashish says

    Creating app is easy but for better results it need to be Google Play. which will cost around $25 . Nice info Vikas.
    Is there any other tool to create iOS apps ?