How to Create a Good Customer Care System?

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Customer Care SystemToday the most successful and fast growing companies are leveraging technology and automation to personalize messages and craft a smooth customer experience. That is why so many management consultants are being contacted about getting a good customer care system in place in companies today.

Features of an Excellent Customer Care System

Be More Practical Than Bookish

A software can give you the details you need, but not the attitude. If you are working as a customer care executive you need to have a sympathetic attitude towards the people who are going to come to you with their problems. You need to have practical solutions available for the problems that they bring. Just knowing the text-book solution will usually not be enough in these cases. The customer already knows the text-book answer in most cases and is not happy with it. They usually want a more personalized solution to the problem. So make sure that you learn all the possible variations with which you can solve a particular problem in your authority range. And if the problem is beyond your authority don’t fret too much but guide them to the right individual in the company who will be able to help.

Don’t Waste Time on Niceties if Customer is Problem Focused

A contact management software helps you keep many pertinent facts about your customers in your database. You will know all kinds of details about your customer from the house address to birthday and anniversaries. This kind of information can come in handy to make polite conversation while you are waiting to solve the customer’s problem. However if the customer is focused on his problem and is not interested in being wished for his anniversary the customer care executive needs to know how to step back. Also throwing out all the questions on how is your daughter doing in school can be particularly irritating to a customer when all he is looking for a quick fix to his problem so that he can go back to his daily work.

Get Back to Customer if You Say You Are Going To

Probably the most irritating habit of customer care executives is to tell the customer that they will get back to them with the information and then not calling back. It has happened to all of us that the relevant professional has not called back with the information that we needed when he specifically said that he would call back in an hour. This can be and should be avoided at all costs. It is better to reach the home of the individual in the evening after office hours to solve the issue rather than not get back at all. The callousness that is reflected with not getting back in touch after saying you would be unbelievably annoying.

A software cannot help if the customer care executives do not have the right training and attitude for CRM. So while the software is important it is the human element that is vital in creating a good customer care system in any company. So make sure that your people are aware of the fact and well-trained to handle the task.

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  1. Rahul says

    thank you Sarika, for such useful points i will keep them in mind when i will be creating a customer care system for my website

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