How to Copy Post from Microsoft Word File to WordPress Correct Way

One of the major problem which you face when you copy paste any thing from Microsoft Word file to your WordPress editor is formatting. There will be lot of extra codes and HTML codes are added and that add a lot of extra work. How about I give you a solution which will make your work easier? Today, I will be sharing about one awesome WordPress plugin which is created to tackle problem with importing Microsoft word file to WordPress correct way. The plugin I’m talking about is Document importer which is not only limited to Microsoft Word file, but also support Google Drive and Dropbox.

Document Importer plugin to Import .docx file to WordPress:

The plugin I’m talking about is Document importer which let you import .docx file without affecting the formatting. None the less, if there are images in the post, that will also be imported into WordPress. Document importer plugin costs only $19 and you can get it from here.

When you install and activate the Document importer pro plugin by adding the License key, you will have three ways to upload the files into your WordPress post editor. For uploading from desktop, you don’t need to do any setting but for Google docs and Dropbox, you need to make a little settings. Settings > Document importer by plugmatter

document importer WordPress plugin

You can find the guide to configure both the settings over here. Once this is done, go to Add new post and on the right side you will see option to add document file from your computer, Google drive or via Dropbox. Click on anyone and it will do rest of the magic.

import Microsoft file to WordPress

In my case I imported a .docx file from Dropbox to WordPress and it hardly took seconds for a 3000 word file. All the images were also imported to my WordPress media library so this is tested and working as promised.

I see this plugin as a great help for those who hire writers or have guest bloggers sending them articles in Microsoft word file. With this plugin, adding Microsoft file to WordPress is as simple as uploading.  Infact many of my bloggers friend still prefer to write articles on Microsoft Word file, and document importer plugin will be a real-time saver for you.

Get Document importer plugin

Do let me know your thought about this plugin and would you recommend this plugin to other users? Don’t forget to share it with others on Facebook and Twitter.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Coral Guest says

    Dear Harsh Agrawal, Many thanks for this very informative article. I am about to begin a wordpress webpage and intend to purchase the Doc Uploader Plugin. Please may I ask you if I can upload my microsoft docs that have images in them? Do I have to load the text and images separately, or with the plugin can it all be uploaded onto wordpress to look the same as my original word docs which have both text and images in the layout.

    Many Thanks, from Coral.

  2. jagraj says

    what about the tables created in ms word? i want to copy the tables created in ms word into WordPress posts without changing the formatting of the tables. Is it possible with help of this plugin?

  3. charles says

    please let me know how to post a word document in wordpress, my document has pictures(eg. i have a document regarding a product installation) where some screenshots will be in the document.

    Click File > Options.

    I know it it can be done via media but it is like a link where the viewers could download, but let me know how to do it not as a link.

  4. Sam says

    How can I add in ms word ?
    When wrtiting in wordpress it is ok that you can easily add to your posts eaily.
    But what about in MSWord? how can I add this to my posts in MSWord?

  5. Athul @ Juniorhero says

    Wow never ever noticed this useful button. But I have never used Microsoft word to make posts. May be when I enable guest posts, people do so

  6. says

    Roy but again have you noticed the HTML code which is added by MS word.. Though it doesn’t make any difference but I like my HTML to be neat and clean and I prefer this method since then.
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. :)

  7. Himanshu says

    it is very important to remember this else your blog may look weird and you’ll have no clue what really happened.

    • says

      And most important due to weird formatting some time your feeds will stop working and will throw error.. I have faced this issue in the past and work around was to format the HTML code properly!

  8. TechChunks says

    LOL. The icon has been sitting right there and I never spotted it’s purpose until I read this post. Hmm :)

  9. Kimi says

    Indeed a great tip to those who used to type articles in MS word.

    I use Notepad when i create a post LOL.

    Typing with MS words is awesome if you want to apply some text formatting.

    And by using this method, you won’t loose the formatting whenever you post to wp.

      • Kimi says

        No, to me, it is more comfortable using notepad, i guess because i don’t type long article.

        Will definitely try WLW anytime soon, thanks!

  10. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for this tutorial. Most of the times I used to type my articles in Word file and then copy paste them to WordPress, but whenever I do that I need to edit the alignments again. Now it seems I don’t need to do the alignments. Thanks

  11. kbharath says

    Amazing post Harsh, i am also following same procedure in my blog, when ever i get an idea for article i will first type it in wordfile and then after verifying only i will post to my wordpress blog, thanks for sharing this.

  12. Rajiv | Websphererad says

    A small but very useful tip. Who ever is using WP for the 1st time is confused when S/he sees the not so well formed post, while copying from Word.

  13. Eddie Gear says

    Yes, that is the correct way. However, if you do not have your styles defined correctly in your site design then the article is going to look clumsy anyway.