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How to Convert your Facebook Profile into Facebook Fan Page

How to Convert your Facebook Profile into Facebook Fan Page

So you are one of those who are using your Facebook profile for promotion and a way so that your fans can connect to you. Though initially you might have missed out creating a brand page for yourself and that’s why you used the Facebook profile to connect with fans.

Here is a nice find by InsideFacebook which says now you can migrate your Facebook profile into Facebook fan pages. Specially the way, Facebook fan page added new features, very few people will mind converting profile into fan page.

You need to use this tool to convert your Facebook profile into Fan page:

faceook-profile-migration Though this is really helpful for all those who are using their profile to let fans connect with you. But again if you want to keep two-way communication, I suggest not to use this migration tool for now, because:

  • This is one way, you can’t revert back to Facebook profile
  • You will not be able to see updates from friends (Fans)
  • You will lose all photos and album

So with this tool, only your profile pic will be moved and all your friends will be converted into Fans.

I already have one Facebook fan page for my personal brand and I might not be using this Facebook profile migration tool. Though I would love to know your opinion, if you are considering migrating your Facebook profile into Fan page?

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  • Ron

    Great tool by facebook.

    I think it will be helpful for those who created a profile in facebook for their business/product and now want to convert the profile into a page

  • Anna Monique

    Awww, can’t revert back to Facebook profile? I’m wondering what will happen to Ads & Pages managed by the profile?

  • Raj

    It sounds cool….. but its disadvantages are more than its advantages. As we can’t see friends updates and will loose our memorial albums.

  • Ken McDaniel

    Great tip Harsh! It looks like if one were to consider switching there would be no way to go back which would concern me. Think I will hold off on trying a switch at this point. As much as Facebook changes, that issue could be fixed.

  • John Burnside

    I think there is a typo in the post. You have said ‘■This is one way, you can revert back to Facebook profile’ and I assume you meant to say can’t. This is a great post for me because I am in this exact situation and I didn’t know there was a tool that could convert it over so I’ll be doing that later.

  • Anoop Sudhakaran

    Better not use it unless facebook add a option to revert back. :)

  • ismail

    This article has imagine me to optimize my fan page.

    I have linked to your site.


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