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    How to Configure Window Live Writer for WordPress blogs

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    How to Configure Window Live Writer for WordPress blogs

    As a blogger and writer, I love to use tools which will help me to increase my productivity and specially when it comes to writing, I need something which is as good as MS word. I have been using a blog writing tool call Windows Live Writer which is developer from Microsoft and support most of Blogging platform. So far I have found this software to be one of the best Blogging tool for offline writing. Windows live writer works seamlessly with WordPress and you can directly publish posts from your desktop.  In this post I will be talking about how you can configure Windows Live Writer with a WordPress blog. Before that I would recommend you to have a look at : Window live Writer : Bloggers tool for Blogging

    Step by step Guide to Setup Windows Live writer for WordPress:

    1. You need to enable XML-RPC publishing option in your wordpress blog under Writing> remote publishing. (Update: In WordPress 3.5+, XML RPC option is enabled by default).

    remote publishing wordpress 550x91

    2. Open Windows Live writer > Click on Blogs > Add blog account

    windows live writer blog service

    3. Select Other blog service, that is the last option

    adding blog

    4. Enter your Blog URL in the first field and enter your username and password. Do click on Remember password option, else it will prompt you for password at every stage.

    setting up account thumb

    5. After a while it will ask you for the option to make a temporary post to detect the blog theme. Click on yes. This way whatever formatting you will do, that will be exact the same replica of your blog theme. That post will be removed automatically after the test post.

    6. Final Set up. Enter blog nick name

    blog name window live writer thumb

    Now your windows live writer is setup to publish posts directly from your desktop.

    Here is Window live writer video

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    Do let us know if you are using Windows live writer or any other software to write blog posts?

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    Hi Harsh,
    Is it possible to access WP Plugins (For example WP Yoast plugin) inside Windows Live Writer?


    Harsh Agrawal

    NOt at this moment…There used to be a bridge for All in one SEO and Windows live writer, but at this moment there is no such add-on for the Yoast SEO plugin.



    Its useless, it scales down images to thumbnails of unproportionate size and is uploading two copies of image – one on skydrive and another on wordpress itself.
    It would be troublesome to edit height and width of each image posted afterwards.
    Though i have left this trouble to be solved on windows forum but i dont think this thing can ever get solved because everyone uses different themes most of which get edited according to the users taste. So windows live writer wont be helpful to write blogpost faster anywhere in near future.
    Though it was a great article to teach the integration which i was not able to do earlier



    Hi Harsh,
    Recently I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1 and to my surprise I see ‘Remote Publishing’ option is disabled. Now I see an error on WLW about XML-RPC and I cannot use it. Do you know any plugins that enables the XML-RPC in Wordpress.



    Harsh Agrawal

    In WordPress 3.5+ Remote publishing feature is enabled by default. Try again, with Windows live writer and let me know if it worked or not.



    Thanks Harsh.
    I recreated the accounts in WLW, it works now.




    Love Live Writer and I’m so happy that I’ll be able to use it on my new self-hosted WP blog too! I’ve used it in Blogger for some time now & love it!



    This seems to be really awesome tool. Thanks Harsh for this useful guide on window live writer :)



    thanks buddy. this greet information am searching every were for this and i found yours blog thanks again.



    I was unaware of the first step….. so I was not able to use windows live writer. You have shown me the right way.

    Thanks a lot Harsh.



    Thanks for this tutorial. I heard about windows live writer from quite sometime but never tried it.

    Let me try this over the weekend.


    Gurpreet Singh

    nice illustrations its great to publish posts without leaving desktop. We can to give a try to scribe mozilla extension for blog posting.



    windows live writer is an amazing tool and every blogger should use it…. This tutorial from Harsh is simple and awesome



    This is a must have tools for bloggers. Makes life much much easier. BTW are there any other such tools out of the MS domain which you would recommend.



    I haven’t tried that yet Seem to be a long process may be I will never use this again. Is there in user in here of this tool..


    Harsh Agrawal

    It’s actually step process and it’s not long .
    Most of the user and blogger use windows live writer to write and it is coming out to be very productive for them. I will suggest give this tool a try and I’m sure you will love it.



    I faced the same problem at the starting,first step is the most important and most unknown among new users.


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