How to Combine Multiple Feeds using Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo pipes is one of the service which can be use to perform many tasks like combining multiple feeds, pipe different sources from internet and apply filter into it and publish it as an App.

In this guide I’m sharing how you can combine multiple feeds into one using yahoo pipes. We will not be using any filter or excluding everything, but it’s going to be a mash up of multiple feeds into one.

Getting started with Yahoo Pipes

Login to Yahoo pipes website using your Yahoo credentials. Once logged in, click on create a PIPE. <Direct link> Now on the left hand side, expend sources and drag and drop Fetch side feed to work area.

Yahoo Pipes

Now start adding URLs into URL field. Click on + sign to add more URL’s. Here is a screenshot of, what I did to create a combine feed of my blog network:


Apple filter:

Now we need to apply filter and this could be anything like you can sort the article based on keywords, you can reject post based on Keywords, sort the feeds items based on publishing date. Since we are trying to create a simple RSS feed mash up, we will apply sorting filter to show recently published posts.

Under operator tab on left sidebar, drag and drop sort module and use item.pubDate in descending order. Once done, rest step is to combine fetch side feed to sort and then to output pipe.

Here are screenshot, which will help you to understand the whole process.


You can use the debugger pane at the bottom to see the quick output. Here is a screenshot of my feed mash up:


Publishing your yahoo pipes:

Now we are done creating our feed mash up. Now, it’s time to save and publish it. On the top right, you will see an option to save. Click on it, give a name to your feed mash up which you just created. Once pipe is saved, you will see an option at the top to run pipe, click on it and it will open a new page and will show you the output of the pipe you just created.


If your output is as your desired, click on Publish button else click on edit source and edit your pipes again. In case, if you don’t want to make it public, you can leave this part, copy the RSS code by clicking on Get as RSS and add it to your Feed reader.

Here is the page link of my Yahoo pipe which is live: and you can also subscribe to all blogs in our Blog network with this feed URL: Subscribe to all blogs of ShoutDreams blog Network

Do let us know if you have done anything geeky with Yahoo pipes yet or what other Yahoo pipes usage you can think for a regular blogger?

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