How to Choose The Right Shared Hosting Company

Shared web hosting is the most popular of all the hosting types. This is because it is much cheaper than dedicated servers and you do not have to administrate the hosting. This type of hosting is efficient and it has a reduced cost.

How To Choose Shared Hosting Company

The best approach to getting the best shared web hosting is through searching for it at reliable companies. In this article you will find tips on choosing shared web hosting in order for you to make an informed decision in this matter.

Shared web hosting means that several websites share the same server. Every website has space and bandwidth accordingly in order to run smoothly. This type of hosting is a win-win situation for both parties involved. The customer pays less for the services and host shared its server to several websites. The biggest advantage that makes shared web hosting so popular is that you do not need to administrate the hosting.

There are a few factors on which you should base your decision of choosing one web hosting company or another when it comes to shared web hosting. These factors are:

Best Shared Web hosting pick up guide for Newbie:

1) Web space and bandwidth

You will need a certain amount of space for your website. If you decide to opt for shared web hosting you should know that this is not for everyone. If you need huge amounts of space, you should definitely opt for dedicated servers. You should carefully evaluate your needs and see if the space offered by the plan you have chosen is enough for your website to run smoothly.

The second vital aspect of web hosting is the bandwidth. If you choose shared web hosting, you should be aware of the bandwidth allocated because you would not want your website to be very slow for your customers. You should focus on getting as much bandwidth as possible. Try to opt for shared hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, Dreamhost which offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.

2) Reliability and security

Security is a very important aspect of any website. Your customers’ secret data should be kept in a safe place because you would not want them exposed. However, you will only rely on the web hosting company with this issue so choosing a secure one is very important eespecially when it comes to shared web hosting.

It is for your best interest to always choose the reliable companies for hosting your website. Try to avoid doubtful providers. In order to seek for a reliable company you can do some research both online and offline as this way you will make sure you get the best for your money. Luckily, there are many specialized websites that can help you in this matter.

3) Support

Support is another thing you should definitely look for when searching for your shared web hosting company. You should expect quality and fast support that addresses your concerns. Also, you should look for a company that offer multiple ways of contacting the support team. These days, Hostgator is said to have best customer support. They are on Live chat, Phone, Email and Twitter.

You can check out list of recommended shared hosting. Do let us know what other factors do you consider before selecting Best shared web hosting for your next website?

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COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. HackTik says

    On the all the parametes which have been mentioned in this post, I think Hostgator is one of the host which fits quite well and it is my personal favourite as well which I have been using for my blog.

  2. Kavya Hari says

    In fact, shared web hosting has unlimited features with the best support. Off course, Host gator is one of the best customer service at the limited price.

  3. sahl ahmed shaikh says

    For me I think Hostgator Gives the Best Shared Hosting,
    I have been using For last 1 month Just to try it out. Its Good, The Support is also Good.

    The Cost Also Remains an Important Factor.

  4. DizitalTech says

    But are shared hosting that much secure? The reduced cost obviously means reduced quality. When you really plan for some robust website then personally I refer to dedicated hosting.

  5. Usman@FirstHosting says

    Support is one of the most important part of any company.

    and Security and data backup is also very necessary, i think every company must run their servers on atleast Riad-1 to avoid data lost, price and affordability is also important.

  6. Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours says

    Yes, Hosting is one of two things you need to have when starting a new blog, now my blog hosted by Siteground, do you think it’s good share hosting?

    • says

      Trung I see they are quite active on Twitter as well and so far I have not heard any complain about them. Why don’t you share your experience with SireGround so far? You can add it as a comment or may be as a guest post.

      • Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours says

        That is a good idea, Harsh. I will thinking of your suggestion. See you soon, maybe on my first guest post.

  7. Rohit says

    can someone guide me how to switch from a shared hosting to VPS …and how to choose the best VPS hosting….

  8. Jasmine says

    The most important factor I usually consider is the reliability of the server and the support. Price is not a problem as long as I get great uptime, speed and excellent support.

  9. webenthu says

    I have been using HostMonster for some of my sites. I know a lot of people don’t like them but currently i am doing 6.5k+ visits a day and everything still great (touch wood). Their service has been excellent so far !