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Naming your blog right way

Yesterday, I was talking to one of our reader Chintan who runs a Blog name Free download software which is very close to warez site name and he was worried about his blog future. His concern was, despite of having a quality blog, his blog name give an idea of warez site and in future it might not be good for his blog, more over search engine or Adsense can treat it as Warez site and might ban his blog. Though, it may not happen but for branding purpose having a name which people can connect to is always a good idea. More over, One thing which I liked about his domain name is it’s a Keyword rich domain name and chances of getting more branded keyword traffic from search engine is high. The only thing which was not right with his domain name is, it doesn’t describe the blog perfectly. Anyways, here is a small tip for those, who are into the process of selecting custom domain name for their next Website and this will help you to naming your blog right way.

The name of your blog is its face. Hence it needs to be pleasant and attractive. A catchy name always gets a lot of attention, but at the same time it needs to be relevant to your blog. Most bloggers have a tough time while selecting a name for their blog as they know that the name plays an important role in determining the success of the blog. This is how to name your next blog.

Things to keep in mind before naming your blog:

  • The relevance of the name to the blog
  • Whether the name will manage to stay in the minds of the readers
  • Whether there is a blog with a similar name
  • Whether is captures the essence of the blog
  • Good Catchy names

As I mentioned before the name of your blog is its face and thus you have to make sure that it is simple, yet pleasant and attractive. There are billions of blogs that are present on the internet and you need to have a name that is unique and concise also. Don’t go for something that is too simple though, as it may be perceived to be a very elementary blog and may not garner a lot of interest.

How should the name of the blog be?

You will get a lot of suggestion on naming your blog and most of them will be about giving your blog a name that is “different from the others” or is “elaborate. This does not really make sense to me as the reader does not have the time to memorize the name of your blog. Having a Short and sweet, blog name is what you need.

Getting the right name for your blog

When you are looking out for a good name, then you need to be careful about one thing and that is how well does the name that you select, encapsulate your blog. If you can get just one word for it, well and good, if not, then try the shortest possible phrase. Combine a 2-3 small word so that people can connect to it and remember it easily. Having dictionary based name has it’s advantage but sometime selecting a unique name like “Shout-Me-Loud” “Labnol” is always a great idea, as there will be almost 0 search result for such name, and you can easily brand it.

Avoid common words

This is another major point that needs to be taken care of. Avoid common words such as “expressions”, “memoirs” etc. These are just too cheesy and show a lack of innovation, something that you really cannot afford to have, in case you are a blogger. For example: Techtricks, techtips and all such domain names are very generic and it also confuses people, because with a small difference you might make your visitor land 0n some other sites. For example, techtrick, techtricks, techtrix and so on.

If you want to use the words then why not check out the synonyms of the words so that you are different from the rest and simultaneously get your point across.

Using your keyword with the blog

This is also a good idea, but it has already been used a lot and thus I feel that it can be avoided. There is no harm to use the keyword at all and at the same time it gives a clear sign of what the blog is all about. But you need to be more creative as that is sure to payoff.

If at times, you can’t find a branded name with keyword along, it’s a good idea to settle for blog name without keyword in it. As branding, could easily be achieved with other factors. You should start making a list of blog names, which you think is appropriate and later on check their availability and take final suggestion from your friends, which will help you to decide best catchy name for your site.

Avoid hard to type name:

So you picked a blog name, and it sounds really great but when it comes to typing the name, it’s a horror story for many. An attribute of good blog name is it should be easy to type, easy to remember and it’s good if it make an idea about site niche. If not, site tag line and logo can be use for branding and giving an idea about niche of your Website. In simple word, find a name which is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and easily spellable. Else, you might miss out the fun of direct traffic, which most of readers directly type and land on your site.

These are the main tips on how to name your blog. Follow them and your sure to get a classic name that is descriptive and at the same time, concise. Also, always try to keep names that are in English as the language is universally understood, which is not the case with regional languages. Though, in my suggestion best and creative blog names come when you are doing nothing and not thinking about it. For example, when you are travelling or reading a book or writing a blog post, you can easily use these domain name generators tool and combine your idea and end up selecting a creative name for your next Website.

What do you think? How important it is for a Webmaster to spend time on naming his blog? Do you think a memorable and creative name of blog plays a major role in branding and getting direct traffic?

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  1. Norgeskatalogen says

    I would also like to point out that actually choosing a “branding” approach rather than keyword have a better effect if the person making the blog is using her/his own name! Most people do this in Norway and have a killer result. These people have thus also created a name for themselves by branded their own name into their blog.

    This approach carry some risk though, if you score a job interview your political views (or whatever you write about) is out on the net to everyone to see and interpret. This information is highly likely to be found since you use your own name as the URL.

  2. richard says

    Nice Post on choosing a good domain name…as i had to change my blog name twice already.
    Although ,this post will definitely help new bloggers get good domain naming ideas.

  3. Shahid says

    Why Did not you post this before Man..:P ! I suffered lot of difficulties in selecting my domain but now i am satisfy with mine. Well it will surely help me when i will register some other blog. Thanks for this.!

    • says

      Absoltely, many People did face lot of problems at this particular instance. But harsh has really helped me a lot and i was able to choose a Good domain suggested from harsh

  4. sreekumar sukumaran says

    Consider the plight of a father who just want to abandon his child for that improper name. It really happens in case of newbies who like first time fathers name their child in hurry bury. Your article is surely helpful for them. Perhaps this is the only place where the old proverb “what is in name?” does not work. Name is every thing and I learned it late.

  5. Amrik says

    I’m having a terrible time picking a new domain name for my next blog project. It’s awful. Seriously. I stay up late at night thinking of names. Even crappy names. Even the crappy one’s are usually taken. What a mess!

  6. Hacktik says

    Nice tips on choosing a domain name. since most of the keyword rich names are already taken these days, next safe bet is to pick a unique name which can easily become your brand.