How To Check Google Webmaster Penalty for A Domain

If your website Google traffic suddenly becomes zero or goes down sharply then it may be possible that it has been penalized by Google. You need to analyze Google penalty. Here are given some effective ways to check about Google Webmaster penalty.


Type your full domain URL in Google Search

First type and search your website full URL without http:// i.e “”. If Google search shows only one result ( homepage) then possibly it is a penalty or if it shows some other results then there should be no penalty.

Type only website name or domain keyword ( without TLD such as .com,.net etc)

If after typing domain keyword only i.e. typing “yourdomain” instead of “”, Google search shows no result then it should be a penalty but if it shows one or more than one result then there should be no penalty.

Typing full website address i.e including http://

If Google search shows only single result (homepage) by searching full website URL i.e” “” then possibly it may be a severe Google penalization.

SEO-Move Online Penalty checker tool


SEO Move is an excellent tool to check Google penalization. Just got to SEO Move website and enter your domain to check penalty. By following these 4 steps you can easily confirm about your domain Google Webmaster Penalty if any.


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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Anders N says

    Thanks for the article! Seems like my site suffer from changing the structure and not penalty from Google then.. :-(

  2. Abhishek says

    But my Google Webmaster account shows nothing for that domain. It just asks me to verify my domain again and again even though I have done so several times. I think Google screwed up! I’ll report it anyways.

  3. shariq@shoutmeloud says

    I have checked your blog and it seems that your blog is clean and it is really very disappointing if you are a victim of penalization without any reason.
    I want to tell you that Google is very much strict for .info domains and there are many .info domains penalized by Google without any proper reason.
    And I want to ask you another question ” Are you using any unethical material on your blog such as pirated theme etc?”

    • Abhishek Bhardwaj says

      Hey! Thanks for checking. No, I am not using a pirated theme. The content on it is original. I have a .com extension for my blog so I might make a switch soon but I really wanted to know why my .info was penalized in first place?
      Thanks anyways! :)

      • shariq@shoutmeloud says

        It would be better for your blogging if you shift your blog to your .com domain and it would be best if you do not relate your penalized blog to new one.

  4. Abhishek says

    I just read this post and checked for any penalty on my domains. All were clear except one: The blog has 100% original content but still I don’t see any results on Google and SEO Moves also says that it has a sever penalty.
    Any suggestions on what I could do?
    Thanks :P

  5. Bilal Ahmad says

    Well apart from these ways still google penalty can exist for domain. For Example those blogs who sell links can also be liable for penalty.

  6. Vivek Parmar says

    didn’t know about tis tool, thanks for sharing.
    Already some blogs get affected with google penalty

  7. Kamal Hasa says

    Well one can also just use the site: operator to know and compare the indexed pages and take a call according to the results..