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How to Change to Google DNS for Fast Internet

How to Change to Google DNS for Fast Internet

Just now, I posted about Google Public DNS which is way faster than my default Airtel broadband DNS. Though, unlike Airtel DNS which is usually added dynamically, we need to Change to Google DNS manually to enjoy the new public DNS offered by Google. In this guide, we will learn how we can do it with windows OS. Though, this tutorial is created for Windows XP, but more or less it will work the same for Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows 8. All, you need to do is find the network settings.

Guide to Change DNS to Google DNS:

To change your DNS to Google DNS or Open DNS all you need to do is edit your network settings which is very easy in windows. Find your active Internet connection. Either from notification area or from My Computer > My network places > Network connections.

Click on Properties > Internet Protocol >TCP/IP and change your settings in “use the Following DNS server ”

The place, where you see settings for “Following DNS server address”, change it to and

That’s it and within second you will be able to start using Google DNS. I find this useful at many places, when your default DNS fails to load any web page and this usually happens with BSNL and MTNL DNS. Also, if you are changing name server of your site, Google or open DNS, replicate the changes faster and you will be able to access site with new settings.

Well, this quick tutorial will help you to get started with new DNS settings instantly. But, in case if you are stuck anywhere, feel free to let me know via comments.

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  • Shivaraj

    I had changed DNS i don’t find any change in internet speed .
    Nice tip… :)

  • Phaoloo

    It’s IPs are so beautiful and damn easy to understand. It seems we’re online and use Google products, hope it’s not devil :)

  • Chethan

    I changed to and in few seconds!
    now i m more secured and fast!

    The Number is very Fancy number! how much did google pay for this fancy number?

    • Minh

      I think much money for these fancy number :D

    • NpXp

      LoL they are Google so you can expect anything from them. They can buy a list of countries if they wanted to lol..

      Anyways I do like the dns numbers

  • chandan

    Yes I have got new update from google about it. Well how it help us?

  • Minh

    Oh, this is the first time i have heard about Google DNS :D
    Google DNS is fine :x