How to Cancel and Close A Dreamhost Webhosting Account

Dreamhost is one of the top notch shared hosting which I recommend after hostgator and Bluehost.

Few Days back I mentioned about my migration to Knownhost VPS and I had an extra account with dreamhost apart from main one. Since there is no point keeping two dreamhost account. I closed one of my account. I wrote a tutorial for future reference for every one so that if you have a dreamhost webhosting account, you might like to refer it in future.

Before I will proceed with the process, always remember , when ever you don’t intend to use any online paid account, either be it Hosting, domain , Email capture, or premium wordpress themes. Make sure you cancel your account and also check your Paypal recurring list. This will ensure that, you won’t be charged by mistake. If you face any kind of problem, instantly get in touch with customer care of particular service.

In dreamhost, login to your cpanel and click on billing > manage account.

On the next screen, you need to put a check mark on “Yeah yeah, I know. I’d still like to cancel.” and click on account settlement.

On the next screen you will see messages regarding your remaining payment or payment you ill receive from them. Read that and after that click on Continue to Finalize Cancellation.

On the next screen, you need to enter your cpanel password and rate the hosting and click on submit.

Note : In my case I had to repeat the process thrice, so you better make sure, you are performing and seeing all the process as mentioned above.

Once everything is done as mentioned, you will see final confirmation message stating, your account has been closed.

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