How to Buy a WordPress blog?

Buying a WordPress blog created by someone is a tough call, as if you ignore some of the factors, you might be putting a big hole in your pocket. Specially in year 2014 when blogging landscape has changed a lot in terms of SEO and site quality, now it’s very important for you to do a proper check before buying a new website. Today, I will be discussing some of the most important factors which you should check before you decide to buy a website. There are many sites like which I have mentioned over here; will let you buy or sell a website. If you make a right decision, you might end up buying a website which will be money minting cow for you.

In past 4 years, I have purchased 3 blogs and sold 2. So far, I have made decent income selling and buying blogs; and here are some of the tips from personal experience which will help you to take decision. This post is targeted for WordPress blogs only.

How to buy a Blog


What Factors one should consider before buying a WordPress Blog?

I assume you are planning to buy a blog which is live from couple of years or atleast few months. So, here goes my checklist that you should consider before making the purchase:

It’s a good idea to ask the webmaster to give you Google analytics access so that you can evaluate the blog before purchasing. The owner can give you contributor access, so that you can check and verify stats mentioned on the sale page.

Check for Panda penalty:

This is one of the most important things to check before buying any website. These days many web masters are selling their website because of Panda penalty and it’s kind of hard for non SEO people to recover their blog. You can use this trick to check a blog for Google algorithm penalty.

Check for AdSense ban:

Google AdSense ban is another important factor that you should consider checking for. There are websites which let you check if website is banned to use Google AdSense or not. You can find a list of such websites over here.

These are the things which you should consider with the blog you are getting. All these informations (if available) are useful.

  • Transfer Google Analytic
  • Transfer Feeds
  • Google Webmaster tool
  • Website official twitter account (if any)
  • Google Apps info
  • Social media gadget info (if any )
  • WordPress Installation info (Database, mysql,users)
  • Web hosting + FTP info
  • Twitter account

Try to dig down all the related info related to website, like any affiliate partner, any milestone it has covered.

Most important thing, also check if site is anyhow penalized by Google or any other website. Search Google with website name, and read out all the gossips going for that particular website.

Make a mutual agreement about the blog posts which is already in the blog. Either you want to transfer all the post credit to yourself or keep it as it is.

In my opinion, keep the blog credential as it is and write a new blog post announcing the transfer of Ownership.

Do let us know if something which I missed and I should have asked for?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Mandar Salvi says

    Thank you Harsh! Yesterday only I sold my Technology Blog on DP.

    Now I am reading how to transfer Feeds to another account :)

  2. George Serradinho says

    This is a very helpful post, many could use the info when they decide to buy a blog. It’s not easy trying to take over someone else’s blog.

    I agree with your stand point on leaving old posts with original credentials.

  3. Ecommerce store website says

    Also the blog content is also important, and also the age of the siye.dYou should o your research probably through Whois services to figure out the age of the site you are planning to buy.

  4. Sanjeev says

    Very true. Buyers should always see the quality of domain and the current status. Also check the history of domain as well. Quality of links and ofcourse Webmaster tools details. Nice checklist Harsh, waiting for the official announcement about your newly purchased blog. wish you all the best.