How to Build a Trustable Blog for Long-Run

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How to Build a Trustable Blog for Long-Run

Trustable blogBlogging is often seen as quickest way to get rich online, but it’s not the same for many. Specially, people who blogs for passion, and still stick to it, they have a complete different mind-set towards blogging. For me, Blogging is more of a passion, something I enjoy doing. No doubt, it’s my major source of income, and I treat it like real-business, but at the same time it’s personal for me. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we have already covered many topics like why you can’t make money from your blog and building a credible blog, and today I want to talk about creating a trustable blog.

Creating a trustable blog is like creating a brand, that people can count on and vouch upon. There are few tips, suggestions and ideas that you need to implement to reach that level. Do remember, the change will not happen from day one, and it doesn’t matter if you have a blog that is not trusted till now, you can always start working on it to improve, and make it people’s eye candy.

Building a Trustable blog:

I’m skipping some of the basic things like your social media accounts, log, about page, Author bio. In this post, I will be focusing on essence of creating trust on your blog.

It starts from day one:

Trust building starts from day one, and it takes time for people to start trusting you and your blog writing. When you start a blog, you need to have few things clear regarding policies for your blog, your goals, your not to-do list and many more, which I will be talking below. Those people who have an existing blog, but facing the wrath of non-trust, there are few reputation management tricks that you can use to improve and earn the trust factor of your readers. So let’s get on with our list:

Blog content is your magical trust wand:

It doesn’t matter how fast your site is, how beautiful it looks, and what technology you are using; what matters is how great and credible your content is. Without good, resourceful, meaningful, helpful content your blog is more like a person with a bad heart. Your content (be it new or old), it has to be concrete, informative and most important credible. For existing blogs, you need to work on all your old blog posts to improve them, update them and keep it useful.

Specially if you cover news posts, you should try to dig down to the root of the news, and bring information that no-one can produce. Here are some tips to write content which can bring trust:

  • Research: Research well about the topic you are writing on. Always start with the source of the news (Official page), and than read what other top influencers, websites topic about. Read user comments, opinion and build a credible news. This research may add extra 30-40 minutes to your writing process, but it will paid in the form of your readers trust building.
  • No favouritism: Take this advice to heart. Blogging is not journalism, but it’s none less than journalism. People come to your blog, because they trust you, and they trust your opinion. Favouritism always calls for biased reviews, writing, and it kills the natural flow of the article. There is nothing wrong with giving recommendations based on your usage, but favouritism towards any product, person should be avoided at all the level. Do remember: Things which are best now, will not be the same in future. Being a blogger, your job is to write about something that put your readers in the right direction.
  • Link out: When ever you are writing a piece of content, always link out. By linking out what I meant is, if you have collected information from some other source, used images of somebody else, or using quotes from somebody blog posts, you should link to the original source. This will help in making your news/post look authentic, and will help you to earn the SEO benefits too.

There will be time when you might end up making mistake due to improper news or missing information, don’t miss out to write an apology and to correct your mistakes.

First have a policy for yourself first, then for others:

Blog is a personal space, but if you making income from it, you have to give a bit professional treatment to it. We all know it’s important to have pages like privacy policy, comment policy for your readers, but at the same time you should have one for yourself. That means, how you will treat or handle particular situation. Having a policy page for yourself will help you to maintain professionalism over the time. If you offer guest posting on your blog, you need to have your own guidelines for accepting or rejecting the post. If you offer sponsored reviews on your blog, you need to have your own set of criteria for accepting a product for the review. Here is a quick story:

Zyma webhosting company tried to get in touch with me for months to run a free give-away at ShoutMeLoud. There is nothing wrong with it, as it will help me to drive more traffic, more social media engagement (See: Benefits of blog contest), but what doesn’t seems right to me is; promoting a hosting company without actually using it or without any previous record.

This is just one of the many cases, and to avoid any such pit-falls, you need to have policies and guidelines for yourself. If you manage a blogging diary for yourself, right a rule-set for your-self. It’s a good idea to have to to-do list for your blog, at the same time maintain a list of things which you will never do on your blog. Ex:

  • Never review a product without using it.
  • Will not show direct ads from a company, that you can’t trust.
  • Will never sell your soul for money.
  • Will never be bias when writing.
  • Will not use pop-up ads.
  • Will never do link-selling.

Treat your blog as your home:

If a guest come to you home, how your guest behave? This all depends upon how well your home ambience is, and how you treat your guest. Same is with a blog, if your blog is maintain in a professional manner, it will always be treated the same. On your blog, you need to maintain everything from blog design, speed of your site, good user navigation, good user-experience and all other basic things. That also includes the type of comments appearing on your blog. If you have low-quality comments on your blog, it will attract more low-quaity comments, but if you have meaningful & engaging comments, it will attract the similar comments.

This is something tried and tested by me, as from 1 year, I have stopped accepting comments like:

  • Amazing post
  • Nice post, was looking for it
  • Or any such comments, which are not meaningful to the topic of the post.

It may have affect many regular commentators, but I could see the direct effect on the quality of comments which ShoutMeLoud is getting now. 10 quality comments is always better than 100 meaningless comments. This is just one aspect of it, being the admin of a blog, you need to take decisions which is good for you, and for your readers. You don’t have to blindly follow policies of other blog, but you need to find a balanced policy which fits your personality and for better quality of your blog. Do remember, every word appearing on your blog; you are the only responsible person for it.

Take care of tiny things:

These are major stuff, which will ensure that your blog remains trustable and credible for long-run. Though, these are not the only stuff, and there are many other things which you should do to improve the trust factor of your blog, which I have already mentioned over here.

Do let me know what other factors help in building the trust factor of a blog, and what makes you lose the trust on a blog? If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Alok Krishali says

    I want you to ask a question. I have created a new blog on blogger. I have created it few days back. Can I place Google ads on that blog?

  2. Subbareddy says

    I started my blog 6 months ago and i stopped blogging 2 months ago.Now i am going to start the blog and follow the policies written here by harsh .As always you are awesome harsh.


  3. Olumide says

    Thoughtful post. One thing I’ll like to add personally is that a blog owner must be honest with blog readers. He must also let the writing be real, like he’s talking to them and not journalist reporting. Thanks for the post.

  4. says

    Harsh you are right. The First thing is trust when your customers or visitors got trust to your blog then your blog is always going up.
    Thanks got so much inspirations.

  5. Amal Rafeeq says

    Whoa! So that’s how you build Trust via your Blog. Now, those are awesome policies which can Sky Rocket your blog and push it to the next level.
    This post is forcing me to read it all over again and I really appreciate your effort on writing an article on this.
    Keep it up like this Harsh!
    Cheers !

  6. says

    Strong policies is best, and your spirit when it comes of this is too strong. All newbie bloggers accept anything without testing to make their readers happy even though they could not test or use it.

  7. Ahmad says

    After all, focusing on a single blog at a time helps a lot (especially for new bloggers) …Managing multiple blogs at start of blogging carrier sometimes lead to failure…

  8. says

    Harsh, I really like your policies or not reviewing a product without using it, not using pop up ads and not selling your soul for money. When I get a lot of emails selling me something from a blogger I begin to not trust that blog – I feel like it’s all about the sale.

  9. says

    Exactly Harsh. There are many bloggers who just promote things prompting their readers to buy without even trying. Well I’m not against promoting but what I’m against is promoting something which is not personally tried or tested. I have seen several reviews on your blog which are tried before posting about them. This is one of the main reasons I like your blog.


  10. Raplus says

    I have read Zyma review from socialvani. And I have read many bad reviews about Zyma.

    But Daniel Scocco also reviewed Zyma(Contest: Win Premium Hosting from Zyma for 3 Years). I don’t know it is, his mistakes or not. However building a trust is not a very easy. It takes much time as well as we have to do many works.

    I have a question(I am sorry it is not related to this post).

    I saw you have used Google plus comment system for your blog. But now you have removed it. Can I know the reason for it?


    • says

      I’m trying this plugin (, and it’s sleek, but making the G+ as dedicated comment option, have lowered down the number of comments. This is a useful plugin, but then I need to offer option which can let users switch to different commenting option from the same tab. Right now, you need to click on different tab for Fb comments, G+ comments, WordPress comments. So, I made WordPress comments as default option….

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