How To Build Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Hired

Down under the deepest trenches of the ocean lies a sullen social network that waits to see the sunlight some day. Now, it ain’t that bad, but Facebook has somehow managed to easily get into the heads of the people, thanks to its simplicity and notoriety. That has had the other networks with a purpose, under its shade. One such network is a professional network that goes by the name LinkedIn.

“Ah, yeah, I’ve heard about that one! LinkedIn. I have an account there, you should probably add me. Oh, but wait, I can’t remember my username. No, thanks!”. This is the present state of the professional network that is much more than JUST a resume you put on the internet. A network which when leveraged properly could land that dream job or get you your next client.

Since the company went public in 2011, its stock hasn’t stopped growing nor its user base. Many of the analysts were left flabbergasted when LinkedIn was growing faster than expected and crossed their 200 Million users mark. The majority of whom still do not recognize the impact this network has had on many individuals and companies.

A social network that doesn’t get its due share of attention, thanks to Facebook, would do much more than just getting a few likes to your selfie profile picture. Its time that you understand its importance and time to dust off the cobwebs on your LinkedIn profile and set things straight. Here are a few things you should do to get your LinkedIn professional profile back on track and benefit a thing or two from it. So, let’s get started on getting to fix back your LinkedIn profile.

Awesome Tips to Make your LinedIn Profile Job Ready

Time to Update your Profile Photo

LinkedIn Profile Picture
First things first. “Never judge a book by its cover!”, Sorry George Eliot, but that doesn’t apply in this internet world. You get judged at an instant by your profile picture and make sure that it doesn’t leave a wrong impression of you.

Its time you first change your profile picture if it has you in your college days with sunglasses on your eyes and your shirt wide open, to revel in your machismo. Sorry, stud, but that profile picture wouldn’t land you your dream job. Take a picture of yourself by someone, that reveals your professional self. There’s a lot of difference between a Facebook profile picture and a LinkedIn profile picture. You wouldn’t want a bad photo of yourself on your online resume, would you?

Details, Details

“The truth of the story lies in the details.” 

As the man Paul Auster writes in his book, The Brooklyn Follies, details make or break a story. Your LinkedIn profile is a book that tells a story about you. Make sure you build a great story!

The more detailed your story, the better your chances of getting noticed, and probably hired. Make sure you build your profile to as much details as possible. You can also add your volunteering work and experience to your LinkedIn profile.

Add work that you have done in the past and don’t forget your brief summary. Make sure you write it in first person tone, and make it personal to the reader.

Stop Fudging

Now, this is another most important factor. Nowadays, people get their way easily by fudging away with impeccable experiences and work details. Stop doing that. You might get in fudging your way, but once they find out about that, you would simply get kicked out and lose your reputation, before probably building some.

Stop lying and adding irrelevant and hyped experiences. Make sure to have some ethics and be truthful to yourself and to the world. If there isn’t much experience to your name, build one, instead of faking your way through that.

Profile URLs

LinkedIn allows you to have a profile URL instead of a URL with random numbers and stuff. Make sure you claim your profile at LinkedIn and keep it simple and professional.

Make sure you make your profile public, otherwise what’s the use to keeping it to yourself. Claim your profile URL. Here’s mine (You can connect with me, I won’t bite!) :

Claim yours and make it easy to share at different places on the internet.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are the best places to begin connecting and networking with other professionals. Search for relevant groups in your niche and join them. These groups are great for promotions and networking. You get to know about others, and make them know about your services or skills.

LinkedIn groups are the easiest and probably the best way to build your connections on the network. You can share your content in those groups and comment on others’ content. Build a strong community and engage with them.

Build connections

Linkedin Connections
LinkedIn has a feature call ‘connections‘. They are similar to ‘Friends’ on Facebook. Your professional connections on LinkedIn should be the ones who you know, instead of stalking random people on the network.

Build real connections. Build connections off LinkedIn groups and your personal website. Add people you know, work for or work with. Share valuable content with them, make use of reply to’s with ‘@’ tag. Never forget the status updates. Add status updates to your profile and engage your audience with useful and insightful content and updates.

Create and Share content

Create and share content that you feel would be of great use to your connections. Create engaging content and share them with your connections in a timely fashion.

You should also share other’s content and engage with their content to build a great rapport with your connections. Share your content from time to time on LinkedIn and get the response of your connections and their insightful suggestions.

Build share-worthy content and engage your connections with timely updates and insightful comments.

Use Keywords effectively

Keywords in LinkedIn also matter a lot to show up in their search results for a tag. In addition to adding keywords to your profile and skills, make sure you add up keywords in your profile summary in an effective fashion, instead of keyword-stuffing your summary.

Here’s an example of a keyword-rich summary for a social media manager:

Strategic Marketer and Consultant – Blending and Leveraging Social Media into effective marketing strategies for London based startups.

Place your keywords efficiently into your profile summary. These keywords are the skills in which you specialize in.

Recommend others and Get Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations are the backbone of the LinkedIn communities. Recommendations are made on the network by people about others whom they know of.

Recommend your connections for their efforts, specializations and their skills. You can recommend them for their work and their work ethics. You can also ask out for recommendations, but it would be better to recommend others first and earn recommendations.

To a potential employer, LinkedIn recommendations are a reference in advance. Most of them return the favour with a recommendation in return, and you should take time to write recommendations for your clients and colleagues.

Become a leader in your niche

You should assert your leadership and authority in your niche to gain respect of your peers. Below are two things you could do to build your authority in your niche.

  • Start a Group

Starting a group in LinkedIn is easy and it would allow you to assert your brand and gain authority in your niche. Start a group on a topic, instead of your company. People like to discuss about your ideas and not just reading your promotional stuff.

Analyse your connections and understand who would be interested in that discussions and invite them to join your group. Make the invitation personal and offer them something worthy of their time.

  • Engage in Q&A

LinkedIn also offers Q&A features and you should make the most of it. If someone in your network asks a question pertaining to your field of expertise, you should answer them. By participating in these types of discussions, you assert your authority in your niche and become a leader. Guide others if you have knowledge of a particular skill-set.

Make the most of your knowledge and share your knowledge with the world.  For further reading:

So, that was it. Do you still use LinkedIn to get hired? How do you make use of LinkedIn? Share your thoughts on making the most of the network below.

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  1. says

    Fudging has been an issue that most employers are concerned about. However Linkedin is definitely a great place to make some professional contacts, provided one maintains his profile well.

  2. Preeti Kaur says

    I am not a big fan of social networking sites but I somehow manage to get myself on them. Thanks to recent Google updates. Somehow Linkedin has been missing but its time to update my profile picture and give almost a makeover to my profile. Hey wait, I dont remember the user name or the password

  3. Gaurav H says

    LinkedIn is really a great website to share your professional skills online. we can easily get connected with other professional in same field. I’m using this site from a long time and it’s results are great. i use groups to share my content and ideas.

    nice tips…

  4. sachin says

    this is one of the most in depth article about linkedin profile building. I agree linkedin is a great platform to get hired. Do you think we should try to connect with famous people on linkedin, any way to do that besides contributing in groups or knowing them personally.

  5. Noufal Binu says

    Hi Srikanth, Really It maked before 2 years : ) and after created LinkedIn profile i don’t like logging and throw it on my mind. but i know my LinkedIn id now trying recover my password. thank so much giving mind Awaken tips.

  6. Sasikumar Krishnan says

    Thanks a lot Srikanth for sharing such a wonderful article about creating one efficient Linked in Profile.

  7. says

    True that ! LinkedIn is a B2B opportunity which I have been avoiding due to many excuses. Will update mine soon. And yeah the image of “update your profile pic ” gave me a shocker :P

  8. Afzal Zaheer says

    Hi Srikanth,
    LinkedIn has its own importance eespecially when you are professionally marketing yourself. After all, in an age where unless and until you don’t popularize yourself, you won’t get due attention. If your profile stands apart from the rest, then your chance of being selected increases manifolds.
    You have given awesome and mind-blowing tips to boost our professional career by putting profile on the platform which will certainly make a pleasant difference in our career. The tips which you gave are simply informative to say the least.