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How to Browse Unread messages Quickly in Gmail

How to Browse Unread messages Quickly in Gmail

I’m an avid user of Gmail and its one of my favorite email web client. I receive almost 200+ email in one day in which almost 150 Emails are important. I have a bad habit of checking Email via my iPhone and sometime I skip reading many emails.


I didn’t realize but due to this habit I have lots of email in my inbox. One tip from me , If you want to be successful you should manage your Email effectively. Because every email has an opportunity attached with it.

Here is a small search string which you can use to find all unread messages in your Gmail inbox :



This is a simple tip but if you are p@r@noid about cleaning your Gmail, you will love this tip. In the next article I will tell you how you can effectively manage your Gmail account.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1048 articles.

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  • Dev

    Thanks Harsh for the useful tip, now i am sure my in-box will look un-cluttered. Can you suggest me how to launch a web site. Whats ur views on godaddy?


  • Ashwin / Thoughts Unlimited

    Hmm… I am sure I knew it earlier but somehow never used it.
    Thanks for the tip and I will make sure to use it again :)

  • Typhoon

    Thanks Harsh..I was looking for such trick. There are almost 200 unread emails which I skipped in my earlier days of Web surfing..I will now check those emails.

    Thanks again.

  • Samjee

    I have problem with my gtalk application ( not gmail chat) when connecting from normal windows xp pc .
    problem is with 10 of my colegues working in the same network. 15 minutes after login to gtalk it shows my status to others as am offline. For me freinds appear as offline while they are realy online .

    When i login again it will show status of online contacts properly ( online ) for 10 to 15 minutes again GMT + 4 uae is time zone.

    It is windows domain based network with ISA and Juniper as proxy and firewall , all gtalk connection are passing through these two.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Samjee
      I’m not sure about this problem but I faced the similar issue when I was in my college and used the same infrastructure to connect to internet. Though later on we moved to squid server and after that I never noticed such issue. I’m not sure but you should ask your network admin to increase the no. of concurrent connections, that might be helpful.

  • Vings

    Wow that’s a good tip indeed, I have lot of junk mails in my inbox and I think its time to wipe them off.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Vings sooner you will get rid of unread emails, better your productivity will be :)

  • Agent Deepak

    That was easy. Good for those who do not already know like me.

  • sajitharamod

    I feel a suspense before opening every email in my inbox. I will kill them on the spot if they are not important for me! Otherwise, it will be starred.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thats a good strategy Sajitha. I’m sure that helps you a lot to keep your Inbox Zero size ..

  • Loudable

    Helpful post Harsh, I also miss my unread mails , will follow this now.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Suhasini and I’m glad you find this post useful . :)


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