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    How to Become Digg Power user??

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    Before you move further do remember there is no shortcut to success and if you are reading this to promote only your posts I will rather say this is just an article which gives you some power tip which help you understanding Digg better and help us to make it more beautiful community.

    It’s most common thing that people say that it is as easy to get on the Digg front page just dugg and dugg. For those people I will say it’s never the way and it’s never will.digg wallpaper 300x167 How to Become Digg Power user??


    It’s true that story submitted by a power user is recognized more but you can’t take things for granted that It will make a Front page without good article and reliable resources.

    Now what do I mean by reliable sources :

    It’s very true that there are few white listed websites like Mashable, blog.wired and many more which require less Digg to make FP then other sites and if we start talking about the discrimination on it that can lead us to endless debate.

    I can justify the concept of white listed website as right from Digg point of view and I can also justify it as a wrong decision from a normal user point of view.

    digg logo How to Become Digg Power user??

    I have joined Digg almost an year ago though i was not using it for a while but an old profile helped me a lot.
    People always suggested me that Stumble upon is more powerful then Digg and that’s why because the traffic from Digg is not ever lasting where as Stumble upon traffic last for long time.

    I would not have supported Digg but then when one of my other blog post made homepage and then the Google analytic stats gone made almost 20K click in a single day.

    Then i started looking back to things in more analytic way, went through my history and submission and all the details related to my Digg account and finally i got to know few things and thought i should share it with my readers.

    First of all Digg is a powerful tool which can make your blog and can break your blog so its very important that you should use it wisely.

    There is no shortcut for anything, so you have to spent some quality time on Digg. It is very true Digg need quality time and it’s up to you if you want to be a part of it or not.

    My suggestion before start submitting anything understand digg for almost 2 weeks. Understand what kind of quality people are actually looking for, what is blogspam and then most important understand the simple concept of digg.

    Oh yes I forget to mention do read the Digg TOS else you might feel bad later when your account might get deleted and banned for violation of any of these TOS. This is what happened to many of the Digg users.

    Many of you have joined Digg to promote stuff but don’t forget majority is the people who joined Digg because of interest and   who scan everything before it make a Front page.

    Digg has two button Digg and bury. I will rather call Digg as Digg bury game where if you enjoy something Digg else bury. One more important thing to understand why Digg made so many category so that people can select there own niche. Though for becoming a power user you don’t have to stick to it because in the end you have to face the harsh truth that you going to Digg a lot. Stuff which you never read and things you have no interest you are going to Digg them because there is a part of give and   take relation on Digg.

    Anyways getting back to the point,

    I have seen many people who have 1001 friends, sounds great !!77 How to Become Digg Power user??
    No you are wrong, because even they have 1000 friends but still they have hardly 100-150 mutual   friends and that’s the catch.

    digg How to Become Digg Power user??

    Its the mutual friend that matters the most, because you cant look for a favor from people who are not even listening to your shouts.

    So what you have to do is to go to your friend list page

    replace   xxxxx with your user name and see in the list,

    who is your mutual friend and whom you are fan of.

    Before adding anyone at least go through his submissions and his profile stats that will give you a clear picture that if he is an active user or he is here just for few days.Such users join digg to submit there stuff and then they vanish. So what’s the point of wasting an important number out of maximum 1000 friends.

    If person whom you are fan of have not added you from long , don’t hesitate to click on Un-friend
    because It’s The quality which matter the most rather then quantity.

    Now if you are one of those who sent almost 10 shouts for 10 different article in a Single day!

    Dude whats wrong with you? People have a life after digg.

    Keep yourself in the shoes of your friend are you going to entertain all these articles??
    I’m Sure you are not!

    After all you have not joined Digg just to add people and   entertaining their shout!!
    Its a social Bookmarking site, so utilize it majorly for your own Knowledge gathering , followed by knowledge sharing and then listening to shout of your friends because you never know which article or post can change the outlook of your life.

    For Publisher and Blogger,
    Choosing the Right topic and with the suitable catchy Image is very important. If you Cant come up with some interesting topic name then try to keep it as simple as you can. You can also change the title of the submission but keep it relevant to the topic.

    Now why I’m saying This , though with odd 70-80 Diggs from your friend might heat up your article but the major Fire come from   millions of subscriber, who will read the brief of article, topic name, and image associated with it.

    In short its just the first impression which count the most at the first stage, and then how good your article is.

    Instead of shouting Each and every article, try to shout louder for those articles which are your masterpiece else make 1000 mutual friends , provided you also review their shout and then you can expect the same.

    digg logo How to Become Digg Power user??

    # Make mutual friend rather then more fans.

    # Help other before looking for help.

    #Socialize with your friend, they are not robot or some Digg machine. A personal touch would be the best way to learn more about social media. Do remember social media is a place where you learn with experience so it demand time but pay you more then you can think of.# Post title,image and briefing about the article is must.

    # Add details in your profile: about you, & other social networking links.

    Now come the major point if you read TOS digg allow you to subscribe to submissions through RSS. Use RSS method to get in touch with friends submission and if your friends don’t know about it then educate them about it.

    still need help??

    Leave your query in comment box and we will get back to you. Any other tips or suggestion from Digg user will be helpful for all the newbie users.

    You can also read my article on Digg beginners guide ,

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    David Codrea

    I’ve been with Digg for a couple months. I have 73 mutual friends. What I notice is people sign up as friends, I add them, and all they do is shout for diggs and don’t reciprocate.

    The hits to my site as a result are negligible–I get most either from my blog or other sites that post my work.

    Thoughts on what I should be doing differently, because I’m about ready to move on, as the 20-30 minutes I day really aren’t worth the payoff…

    I also do Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The latter two do practically nothing…





    Jei galite pasakyti, kas yra problema esate susiduria su vertimu?



    Yep Digg is for the community and not for an individual fame.


    Abhishek taneja

    hello @harsh sir..
    I had used StumbleUpon a few days. I was thinking that now i should use the Digg. But i was wrong. Firstly i will read everything about digg then i will submit my posts. Thank you so much for this post its really helpful for us and newbie. :-)


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