How to Become a Popular Blogger by Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to market yourself. Specially after recent Google algo updates, Guest blogging is one of the best ways to create link for your blog. When I recommend you to guest blog on other blogs, my aim is to help you establish your brand. Guest blogging is an art, and it’s little different than blogging on your own blog. You need to understand the taste of audience of the blog, where you guest posting. There are many Websites which will let you submit guest post, and here I’m sharing few tips to become a popular blogger just by guest blogging.

I have already shared a complete list of crafting a guest blogging campaign, I recommend you to read that too, as it will give you great insight about guest blogging. Guest blogging now-a-days has become latest trend and I have seen many bloggers becoming a blogging icon from nowhere with the help of guest Blogging. If you are a guest blogger, who just blog for backlink, you not doing it wrong but you are not doing it perfectly right.

How to brand yourself using Guest blogging:

Pick a community:


When you select blogs for guest blogging, try to pick a community of blogs instead of any random blogs with high PR. The idea here is blogs with similar niche and who works closely have a common reader base. So if you will be guest blogging on blogs under same niche, you will be exposed to many common readers and you will be winning more hearts and building a reader base for yourself. This is very useful for you  & your blog branding.

Mind map your guest post ideas:


Instead of picking up any random topics for guest posting, my suggestion would be to use targeted and relevant guest posts. For example, if you are a guest blogger who loves to write about WordPress, try to keep it relevant and add a link back to your last guest post. This way you are increasing your exposure and as well as establishing yourself as a guest author.

Reply to all the comments:


This is something which is highly recommended. In case even if you don’t follow above two rules, this is something which you should never miss. By replying to all the comments on your guest post, you are becoming an active part of the blog. Along with traffic you are exposing yourself to more readers. Many people don’t care to comment but like to read comments to pick interesting ideas and reactions. Looking your active participation, always appeal them to see your blog and your creation. Make sure to have an attractive about me page, because first thing they would want to know about you and your blog.

Pick perfect blog for guest posting:

Try to pick the right blog for guest blogging. Make sure that blog admin do offer a link within the post and more over blog should be very active. How will you feel when you write a killer article & no one is there to comment on your post? Also make sure blog owner should be active enough to promote the post. It’s better not to write instead of writing for a dead blog. Though you can over-ride this point, if you are guest blogging just for backlinks.

Blog admin might find this post interesting: How to find guest author for your blog? & list of 50+ blogs that accept guest posts.

There are few suggestions from me, do share your views on becoming a popular blogger via guest blogging? Are you a guest blogger? Do share your experience which helped you to get maximum exposure and traffic?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. vipul says

    Hi Harsh
    Is this necessary to reply in blogging? because I think if you have any query you can ask the question and hoping answer from other bloggers in that case you will also get enough exposure.

  2. jayaar says

    Hello Mr. Harsh,
    As you have mentioned, the selection of a good topic with great information is very essential for a guest post in a popular and quality blog. This helps the blogger who posts the guest posts to get huge traffic gradually. I personally feel, that it also makes him more knowledgeable by frequently writing guest posts in good blogs ( the commitment makes one search for more related information).
    A very good article as always!

  3. Sammy | Free Home Business says

    I love the idea of community. You’re right that you’ll find common readers if you blog in the same niche regularly. I myself am a reader of many quality blogs in my nice including this one.

    Being famous also brings business in the long run, I guess. Once you start being famous, the next step is obviously networking with the “big guys” and sooner or later its going to affect your bottomline.

  4. tushar says

    great post harsh….
    infact today i heard for the first time that there are mind mapping softwares….
    thanks for the share

  5. Sathish says

    You are right, Harsh. It will always be good to Guest post on relevant topics, rather than posting a new one. I am planning to Guest post on many blogs next month. I will surely follow these tips.

  6. Chetan says

    There is a question for you Harsh. Did you participated in guest blogging on other blogs to promote shout me loud, when you started it? I hope you don’t mind answering it.

    • says

      Hey Chetan
      I do..I have written many guest posts for many blogs and still do it at times..I don’t do guest blogging all the time..but once or twice in a month..I usually guest blog in other blogs…

  7. Roy Scribner says

    The mistake I see the guests making on my main blog is not participating in the discussion. It is a huge missed opportunity to engage with new people and possibly win new readers for their blogs. Great point, Harsh!

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Roy and this is the problem which I see here at SML too. Many bloggers showcase their guest post but many of them don’t reply to comments and this is a big issue for them as they don’t get that much exposure which they deserve…