How To Be Efficient & Genuine on Twitter In 3 Steps

“No one can deny the fact that Twitter is the best marketing tool, you just need to know how to use it effectively and create an attractive profile.” wrote Harsh in a recent post about twitter. I believe this is more true than ever as seriousness on twitter increases, giving us more and more quality conversations and targeted traffic.

The problem of doing such effective marketing on Twitter is a very obvious one: How can I scale my genuine appearance on twitter, without becoming a “auto-everything” bot?

Here are 3 simple steps to follow, to stay genuine, yet become efficient at the same time:

1.) Scale your interaction – genuinely

We all love the interaction we get on twitter. Be it, when someone retweets our posts, cc’s us in a tweet or simply hits us up with a good old mention. If you wish to create that feeling amongst others more often, so you can build a stronger community, there are a few very simple things you can do.

  • Make RT’s personal: The best tool to do that is Tweetdeck’s “edit before retweet” function. Adding your personal note at the beginning of a retweet, not only shows your interaction with the initial tweet, it also shows further proof for your followers that this is good content.
  • Mention the author: Whenever you link to a good article you have read, many people oversee the possibility to mention the author’s name. It only takes you a split second to do that, however you are actively engaging with the blogger and giving them credit for their work.
  • Add CC’s: Whenever you tweet or retweet something and you associate the topic with one of your followers, why not simply cc them? Get a discussion going and create a community around your twitter account.

2.) Create consistency on your Twitterstream

If you want the above to be happening in a highly optimized way, let me introduce you to Buffer. By simply spending 10 minutes with Buffer you can create a consistent timeline for a whole day.

Other than the Hootsuites, SocialOomphs and Twaitter scheduling functions out there, it gives you a new intuitive solution to plan out your timeline – genuinely, yet very efficiently.

All you do is add tweets to your queue in Buffer right from your browser every time you come across interesting content you want to share. If your Buffer is topped up with tweets, Buffer  will tweet for you at pre-set times during the day. Of course you are able to adjust these times if you wish.

How to best use it?

Whilst you are reading the news in the morning Buffer comes in very handy. If you come across something you like, hit the Buffer icon via the Chrome Extension and add it to your queue of tweets in Buffer. Edit the tweet right at that moment or just take the suggested tweet together with the shortened link. Here is how it looks if you add a post to your Buffer:

3.) Use multipliers

Finally, if you really want to go deep into discussing topics on twitter a very good option that pays off with lots of new, authentic followers are TwitterChats. You can decide to spend one hour a week joining in an established discussion group. The most awesome list of different Twitter chats is this one. Find an area that interests you and start talking. You won’t even notice that you are actually enlarging your follower significantly.

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Leo Widrich is a blogger at writing about twitter tips and tools. Please follow me @LeoWid. Looking forward to meet you


COMMENTs ( 26 )

  1. Sudipto says

    Hi Leo,

    Thanks for a good article. Spending too much time on twitter is not advisable. Time management is essential.

    PS. Update you Author Info. The Author bio box doesn’t show you name.

    • Leo says

      Hi Sudipto,

      Many thanks for your compliment, managing twitter effectively is really crucial I believe, eespecially as the value we get from twitter increases. Trying Buffer should really help :).

      Oh, yeah I will contact Harsh, trying to sort it out. Many thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. David @ Sunlisted says

    Simple advice I certainly agree with.
    Like some of the other comments I was excited to learn of Buffer because that makes a lot of sense.I retweet a lot of content & want to make it meaningful to my followers.

    Some of the power users I follow have great content but they share it in huge dumptruck streams & I get essentially get ad blindness to their icon, scrolling past big chunks to the next persons tweet.

    I have used HootSuite’s scheduling a lot myself to try & bring a spacing to my stream.

    • Leo says

      Hi David, very true. Fortunately I unfollowed a lot of them so I really have only people left I get value from.
      I used hootsuite too for scheduling, but it gets really cumbersome with setting each indidvidual tweet. That’s why I prefer Buffer to it! :)

    • Leo says

      Hi Aatif,
      Glad you liked it. Me too, I am a twitter addict by now and always looking to find things in order to optimise and reach more people.

  3. Sonu says

    If you are new to twitter search for users who you think are worth following and are strongly related to your niche. These are the people on twitter to which you can provide a benefit and they can also help you. Instead of mass following build a quality.

  4. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Great post mate…I am still a novice when it comes to using Twitter…I will surely try TweetDeck…

    • Leo says

      Hi Kartik,
      Awesome, definitely recommended to start using tweetdeck. If you then really want to get into a daily routine with twitter, try Buffer.

  5. Pumama says

    I’ve never use TweetDeck before! Maybe I will give it a try. This post is helpful for new bloggers like me

    • Leo says

      Pumama, Tweetdeck is definitely a good start! Once you get into the flow on twitter, try optimising your time with Buffer. glad you find the post useful!

  6. Sathish says

    Hi Leo,

    I have read about Buffer sometime before, but I never know what was the use of it. Now you have explained everything. Thanks for this useful article.


    • Leo says

      Hi Sathish! Great to see you here! :)
      Awesome, that you like the post. Yeah, you know, because Buffer is such a new concept, it needs to be explained to readers in order to “get” the value of it. Great you took that away. :)

  7. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Great Post Leo. Some great tips you’re sharing here.

    Tweetdeck is great tool and that is what i’m using. I think the best way to be genuine is by providing quality.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Retweeted.

    Have a great day.


    • Leo says

      Hi Devesh,
      Glad you like the post! Yep, I am using tweetdeck too, it’s just brilliant. Indeed, high quality tweets is the best way to provide quality, no doubt about it. And with the above you might not even have to spend so much time on it anymore. :)

      • Leo says

        Hi Suraj,
        Thanks for your compliment. Finding a routine on twitter is really key, glad the above helped you with that :)

  8. Anoop Sudhakaran says

    Perfect and easy to understand points. Good job!
    Many people still run after making followers but never know how to utilize the present followers.Hope this will be an Eye opener for all.

    • Leo says

      Hi Anoop,
      Exactly, the best source for new followers are your existing followers! Thanks for your compliment! :)

    • Leo says

      Hi Vuong,
      Yes indeed, I also believe that by using Buffer the quality of your tweets will go up, since you take the time to write tweets at a point in time when you are in “content production mode” as I like to call it :).