How to Avoid Monotony While Blogging

Avoid Monotony While Blogging
All bloggers love to blog, either because we have passion or we want to make money. We do work smartly for getting success, we learn new things, we try to provide best to our readers, spent maximum time online and a lot more. Blogging is all about your creativity to present best to your readers but sometime a phase comes when your work start getting dreary or monotonous.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t love blogging anymore or want to quit it but you just need a spark to enjoy your work again. Few bloggers are lucky enough to enjoy same work every day but if you are one who hates to do same work every day then here are few tips which will help you to get spark again in your work.

How not to get Bored with Blogging:

Break Schedules:

In blogging, you can’t always schedule your work like what time you have to write, when you have to promote etc. To avoid monotonous work, always prefer to work according to your mood. If you are not in mood to write, use social networks websites to promote your blog, read feeds or comment on other blogs. If you will write according to schedules then blogging will surely become monotonous.

Work with Team:

If you prefer to work alone then I would recommend that you should work in a network. Working and sharing thoughts with other bloggers is always useful because you learn new things and keep on getting feedback about your work. If you are feeling monotonous, then talk to someone who can provide you positive vibes about work, may be with a pro blogger or your mentor.

Get Out of Comfort Zone:

After few months of blogging we bloggers easily get into our comfort zone, writing articles then promoting it and getting active on social networking websites. This becomes our daily task and this result in monotony. So if you think you are in your comfort zone then start challenging yourself for new work and get out your comfort zone.

Learn New Things:

To avoid monotonous blogging, try to use new tools, learn new way to promote blogs. Trying new ways to work will surely bring excitement to work and if new tips and tricks are working for you then you can also share that with your readers. Bloggers are always keen to learn new things which help them to remove insipidness in the work.

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Working environment:

Keep on changing your working environment, working in same environment creates dullness. Listen to music while working, have fresh flowers around, remove unnecessary paper or mess from your working table. Keep your environment clutter free and keep useful stationery handy like your to-do list, paper, pen etc. Having a professional environment helps in making your mood to work.

These were few tips which always worked for me when I feel bore with same routine work. Do share with us how do you get through the day when work is droning?

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COMMENTs ( 24 )

  1. Tarun Saini says

    Hello Whiztechy,

    This is Really a good article for the beginners bcoz every one thinks to earn money with blog is just like ABC…So you have given really very niced Idea’s And Tips To them.. :))


  2. Vivek Parmar says

    really a good article for beginners like me. one thig i’ve to admit that i’m lacking in passion and sometimes not able to concentrate on blogging. any tips to avoid these errors??

  3. Nihar says

    Well written article.

    Due to busy schedule. I have started to work with the team. Which is helping to avoid monotony.

  4. Bilal Ahmad says

    Positive attitude towards work always work to overcome monotony. I always try to work only when my mood is good.

  5. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    I do agree with the fact routine kills, and changing is a good idea for sure ! loved the points a lot and learning new things and sharing them with readers and people is brilliant for sure ! everything was important in the post so thank you for sharing these helpful thoughts !:)

  6. Mani Viswanathan says

    Comfort zone is what I’m in currently & you rightly mentioned the monotony involved in it. Trying to get out of it by doing things the better & the different way!

  7. Adam says

    Hi there,

    There are some people for the scheduling the work becomes it gives you some kind of stability. However as you said it could cause a monotony in your work. I agree that you can be most effective and most creative when you are in the right mood. Therefore instead scheduling all the work we can only schedule the time when we will focus on our blog. What exactly you will be doing during this time is up to you – you can write new article if you are inspired, commenting on other blogs if you want and so on.

    Working g in the team is something that could move you forward a lot, it is not just about the quality guest posts you can get for your bloging peers, it is more about the new ideas, different angles, new business opportunities and so on.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • says

      Adam you said rightly, Working when you are in mood always brings out best of you and working with team gives you lots of new directions to think and apply new creativity to your work.

  8. Business Proposal Writer says

    Another thing is to reward yourself.

    When you write say 2500 words, give yourself a small treat for working so hard.

    For example, if you like coffee, the buy a more expensive brand than you would usually buy.

    Be good to yourself :)

  9. Namit@theitechblog says

    These are some very nice points, but this has not been a problem with me anytime in past. The major problem which I face is running out of ideas. Many a times when I am willing to work I do not have any new post idea to work upon.

  10. Jens P. Berget says

    I use blog commenting and reading as a way to avoid monotony. I feel like I’m talking to other people, not only my readers. And it helps. I also read other types of blogs, not just about marketing. I eespecially enjoy blogs about self development (that helps a lot when it comes to blogging).

    What I’m saying is that it helps to be in touch with other people, and read what they have to say about different topics, and to join a conversation.

    And, using Evernote on my iPhone in order to come up with new ideas for blog posts. That helps a lot. When I’m going to write a new post, I just open up Evernote and add all the keywords into my WriteRoom (the software I’m using to write).

    • says

      Agree Jens, Getting in touch with other bloggers and discussing useful things is always good and I too keep evernote handy so that whenever any idea clicks, I just note down.

  11. 1skyliner says

    Thanks for the heads up and information about this,This is the unique post. Well explained . Thanks for sharing..

  12. Pankaj Gupta says

    This is the unique post. Team work is really useful for making it more popular. Well explained . Thanks for sharing..

  13. PR@AlmostLikeEverything says

    I agree With You, For a Blog To be maintained Nicely You need a Team , Its not like that if you are an individual you cant handle your blog , but Being in a team Helps you to concentrate On Different Aspects And overall development of Your Blog!