How to Automate Google Plus Page using BufferApp

Automate Google Plus Page BufferApp

I have reviewed Bufferapp long time back, and with many useful features, Buffeapp is one of my favorite social media automation tool. If you have never heard of bufferapp, here is a quick recap for you:

Bufferapp helps in automating your social media profiles on various networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Google plus. With bufferapp, you can add as many post you want to share on your social network, and it will post them after regular interval. This will help you to maintain an optimum delivery of updates on your social-media profile, without worrying about sharing too many updates on a single day. Google plus which is one of the hottest social network for social media users, webmasters and people who look out for meaningful interaction, is not supported by Bufferapp. That means you can schedule your updates on Google plus using Buffer app. Let me quickly explain how to configure this feature on your Bufferapp account.

Setting up Google plus Page with Bufferapp

Login to your Bufferapp account, and if you don’t have one, you can get a free account here. Once you are logged in, go to connect page, where you can select from various social networking site. At this moment bufferapp only supports Google plus page, but they will be launching Google plus profile support soon.

If you have not yet created a Google plus page for your blog/website or for your business, you should definitely do it right away, as Google plus pages will help you to improve your search engine visibility. Here is a guide on setting up your first Google plus page.

Google plus buffer

On the next page, authenticate bufferapp to access your Google plus, and select the Google plus page you would like to use with bufferapp.

Select Google plus page

By default, Buffer will automatically configure time for posting your updates, but it’s a good idea to manually set time, according to your followers time-zone. By following the same method, you can select multiple Google plus pages, and link it with your Buffer app account. You can also take help of free browser extensions from Bufferapp, to easily add updates and blog posts in your account.

automate updates on Google plus page

Leo have shared a detailed information on how you can leverage maximum out of Google plus pages integration with Bufferapp over here. With this integration, Bufferapp have made the social media automation easy on various social networking sites.

My advice to you would be: Keep a combination of various post types while using automation (Ex: Blog posts, images, quotes, discussion, questions, tips, videos, infographics). I personally use Hootsuite to publish my blog feed to Google plus page, but with bufferapp, I can be more active on Google plus, like the same way I’m on Facebook. For Facebook automation, I use Postplanner which is another amazing tool.

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Do let me know if you have any question related to Social media automation of Google plus page using Bufferapp. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it on Google plus. Here is a video tutorial for Bufferapp:

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  1. Prashant Rohilla says

    Good for Business page users, but i am waiting for Individual Profile, as i promote my blog though my G+ profile. Hope this function comes soon.

  2. Amanda says

    Thanks a lot for well brief post. I was searching for autopost on Google plus page since long. Hootsuite is not that user friendly as I usually find bufferapp.

  3. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing quick tutorial.

    I am a Hootsuite user and relatively new in Buffer. This post is really helpful for me. I hope it will be more useful than Hootsuite for automation.

  4. Malayhy says

    I have heard of this application but never tried. Your excellent tutorial made me signup and share this very post of yours. The app sure has some bugs.

  5. KAPIL HEERA says

    nice post harsh, buffers app is really a great apps for automating your social media profiles.
    you know what i started using this app when i was just started doing SEO job then my senior suggest me to use this and now i am using for my own blogs.