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How to Add Your Yahoo Contacts to Facebook

How to Add Your Yahoo Contacts to Facebook


A while ago a friend asked me how to add his list of contacts from Yahoo mail to his Facebook account. He can always copy and paste each of his contacts one by one but that could be a tedious work and would waste a lot of time. Well I told him that there’s an easier way to do it and would only take less than a minute to finish it.

Here’s how to import your contacts and invite them to join and add them to Facebook list of friends.

1. Login to your Facebook account then scroll down and you’ll see something like Find Friends.

2. Next is to type your yahoo email address and click Find Friends.

3. Login to your Yahoo mail account.

4. Then click on the Agree button to authorize access to your contacts.

5. Facebook progress bar will indicate importing of contacts to Facebook.

6. Once it’s complete, you need to choose which contacts to Add as Friend. Hit the button Add as Friends if you want to add existing contacts (those contacts that already have facebook account) to your Facebook list of friends.

7. You will be notified if you’re request has been sent just like the screenshot below.

8. Next is to choose which contacts you’d like to invite to Facebook. These contacts don’t have yet Facebook accounts. You can click Select All if you wish to invite them all at once.

9. Again you’ll be notified if you’re invitation has been sent to all the contacts you’ve selected from the previous step.

That’s it and I hope you’ll find this short article useful.

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Did you know that Facebook has a new security account system design to protect your account from unauthorized access?

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