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How to Add Yahoo Chat box Into your Blog : PingBox

How to Add Yahoo Chat box Into your Blog : PingBox

How many times, you have thought a way that your blog visitor can live chat with you and you can talk to them live, getting their feedback and solving the query. Now, for this you need to be online and I’m talking Yahoo chat box service call Pingbox, which is basically a way to put Yahoo messenger box on your blog, so that readers can see when you are online and they can ping you for any query. Best part is it’s completely free and a Yahoo service. Before, we move ahead here 15 more blog widgets which you might like to check out.

Step by step Guide to add Yahoo chat box into your Website/blog:

This tutorial is not going to be technical apart from few settings which you will you be doing at Pingbox studio to customize look and feel of Yahoo chat box widget which you will be adding on your blog. The whole process can be sum-up in 3 steps:

  • Create Pingbox
  • Customize
  • Embed code on your Website

Create a PingBox:

Go to yahoo Pingbox site and click on Create a Pingbox.

Create PingBox

You need to login to your Yahoo account to get the code for your yahoo messenger ID. On the next screen, you can customize and give a layout to your widget. You can select from many templates available and select name which you want to show to your readers.

Click on save and you will be served with code which you can quickly add it into your site. You can customize the widget size and add it into your blog quickly.

addwidgetpingbox thumb I believe this is very simple. I can see two-three smart usage of this tool for bloggers. You can set a time on every weekend and you can add this widget into your blog and can take readers questions and feedbacks. This will work for blogs which has a community around it. For service blog, it is a great tool, since users can ask any questions directly.

It’s up to you how you use this feature of  yahoo chat box, though make sure don’t rely on it completely for serious usage, as visitor information is anonymous, so for serious business opt for some useful Online feedback services. Meanwhile, have you used Pingbox before or this is the first time you are hearing about this useful service from Yahoo.

Though usage are unlimited, only thing is you need to think out of the box. I would love to see what idea you can come up with as practical usage of this tool.

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  • Karan

    Thanks for the provided info, however what i was looking for was the next steps to do, after creating the pingbox, making the pingbox is pretty much straightforward GUI no confusion, how and where do i paste the copied to clipboard code? That is the real problem but you have not covered that part, please add instructions on which links in blogger to click in order to add the pingbox to a blog. Also blogger has recently updated their interface so please give instructions for both hte new as well as old interface.


  • Duia

    Thanks for your step by step guide. Perhaps I will ass this chat box into my blog later.

  • Farukh | Techming

    Nice Post Dear.. It should spice up intrest of visitors in the blog besides reading posts daily

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Farukh for your comment and yes it adds personal touch to your blog. (-:


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