How to Add Stumbleupon share button on your blog

By adding social bookmarking buttons on our blog posts, we help readers to submit and bookmark our blog post. Here I’m going to talk about how you can add Stumbleupon share button on your blog.

Stumble upon is one of the top social bookmarking and social sharing website. Some time back I have written a post on how you can submit any article on StumbleUpon. If you have not registered yourself on Stumble upon, you can create quick profile here. If you will notice most of the blogs which have social bookmarking icons, they have a stumble upon button to quickly allow users to stumble their article.

Adding  stumbleupon share button will help your reader know that article is submitted on Stumble and they can quickly stumble the article.

For those who are looking for stumble upon share button for their blog, they can quickly grab it from Stumble upon buttons page.

StumbleUpon Share button

Select the button you want to add on your blog, on the next page select your blogging platform and quickly grab the code and add it in your blog.

If you have an active blog adding these buttons will be very helpful for you to let other quickly stumble your post.

This is the code I have added to show the large StumbleUpon share button with count on my blog

<script src=""></script>

You can add any button depending on your size requirement. Do let us know if you have added StumbleUpon share button on your blog or not?

Do let us know which all social bookmarking button you use on your blog and which all you suggest for Shoutmeloud readers?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Neha says

    Thanks Harsh! I am a begginner to blogging and for that I did lot of research on Internet to know the inside out about it. There are so many things by so many people, but I take you as my guide in this. Your articles are really helpful and easy to follow.
    Thanks for the stumpleUpon icon code. I have just added that on my blog.

  2. Vincent Polisi says


    I am running Thesis and rebuilding my site. How are you getting the social icons to stop before the header? I’ve got them setup in the same location but I cannot seem to get them to stop in the proper location like yours and Mashable and so they end up overlapping the header.

  3. Korios says

    I (re)discovered StumbleUpon a few days ago and I have been amazed at the traffic I have attracted after converting to the new UI. Still, SU does not fully support greek fonts (no support inside comments/reviews). It reminds me of Digg which does not support greek fonts at the link previews level(when you click the wi-fi like icon), but has no problem with the full list of the diggs.
    Since both of them appear to UTF-8 compatible how come they still have issues of the pre-Unicode days?

  4. Sumanth says

    Do any 1 have a single code for all the buttons like retweet,fshare,rebuzz,digg..etc….If u have please share it…

  5. siddharth says

    I like retweet.I don’t like fshare as it is slowest and I also use buzzr. This buttons helps a lot some times !

  6. NpXp says

    I just use a single plugin to let it appear on the post page where people can share.

    But on the side note I do recon that Stumble upon traffic ain’t that good.