How to Add Nofollow Tag Attribute to a Link in WordPress

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Useful WordPress plugin to quickly add Nofollow tag attribute to any link in WordPress. Ultimate Nofollow will also let you to nofollow all comment links in WordPress.

Nofollow and dofollow are two most commonly used words in SEO. I have already got it covered earlier, and if you missed it, it’s a good time to learn about them:

Specially after Google panda update, when we link out to any domain, we have to be sure that it’s a good website. If your article requires you to link some hacking, porn or any sites which you might not consider a legit or good site, it’s a good idea to add nofollow link attribute. Specially, if you are into affiliate marketing, and keep adding affiliate links, it’s a good idea to use rel=nofollow, for such links.

Honestly, adding nofollow tag to a link is very easy, and I already covered it earlier here: How to add nofollow tag to a link. To make any hyperlink nofollow, you just need to add nofollow attributes in HTML formal. I’m sure many of you who wants to get thing done easier, they might not like the idea of using HTML to add Nofollow link attribute.

WordPress plugin to add nofollow Tag attribute

One good thing about WordPress is, you can find plugin for every thing. There are few plugins which will let you make all your external links nofollow, but I oppose that practice. It’s a good idea to gofow selecting nofollow than nofollowing all your external links. Don’t forget about the benefits of external links in SEO.

Ultimate Nofollow WordPress plugin is one handy plugin for bloggers, to quickly add nofollow tag to any link from WordPress post editor. Also, this plugin will let you add nofollow link attributes to all links in comments. This is a plug and play plugin. All you need to do is, download and install Ultimate Nofollow plugin, and after activation it will add a nofollow option box in insertlink pop-up box in WordPress post editor.

Here is a screenshot for the same:

Nofollow link attribute in WordPress

You can also go to settings > Nofollow, and uncheck the option to make your comment links nofollow. I have tested this plugin with WordPress 3.5, and it works just fine.

More plugins:

If you are looking for a quick option to add no follow tag attribute to any link in WordPress, it’s a good option. Go ahead, try this plugin and let me know your views.

Also, if you are using any other WordPress plugin to manage nofollow-dofollow for links, let me know via comments.

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Useful WordPress plugin to quickly add Nofollow tag attribute to any link in WordPress. Ultimate Nofollow will also let you to nofollow all comment links in WordPress.
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  1. says

    Does adding external links to High Aurthority pages with no-follow tags has any benefit in SERP?

    Would like to know your opinion Harsh.

  2. Ravi says

    Thanks for the Basic Tip. But i want to know about What can Providing Dofollow Comment Links can affect my Blog? Also do both nofollow and Dofollow links matter for calculating Google Pagerank?

  3. Ravi kumar says

    thanks Harsh, first of all I would like to say, that I really nice to see among professional bloggers picture with Amit Agarwal too.

    I was searching since long about nofollow, in my blog, lot of comments come, I wanted to insert nofollow in those comments. Thanks for helping me up.

    I also would like to ask that, in wordpress, bydefault this option is available or not?