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    How to add Google talk to your website?

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    chatback 300x147 How to add Google talk to your website?Though this Google Chatback badge is going to be an year old, but many of my readers don’t know about this feature . Google chatback badge allow you to embed Google talk client on your website.

    There are many other premium live chat software’s like Google talk chatback, but this one is free and the quality of this service is amazing.  If you are one of those webmasters, who offer services and need to take client calls and queries directly live, you should consider adding Google talk to website.

    This is very useful for webmasters who want to connect to the readers of there website , and the best part is your id or your own identity will not be reveal.

    chatback 300x96 How to add Google talk to your website?

    When user click on chatback   link on your web page , you will receive a message from [email protected] to chat with the users, and once you click on the link you can use it to chat with your visitors.

    Yahoo has also the similar feature which let you embed yahoo on your web page which you can use to talk to your users.

    If you think you can use it for productivity by connecting to the users and you can take there feedback online about your website.

    This feature is great for new Bloggers who can take feedback from there users and can take feedback from the users to improve there website/Blog.

    Creating and embedding the chat back for your website is very easy and it can be done in few easy steps.

    Follow the given link and create a badge for your website and insert the code in your template , try to keep the badge short and at the position where users can easily connect to you.

    Link: Google Chatback.

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    @ Altaf you are right Its one of the best way to get in touch with yyour reader live and you can take feedback from them.

    @ Amit Thanks!


    Harsh Agrawal

    You are Right Altaf. Providing your readers with single click option to reach, will help us to get instant feedback.


    jayant bhat

    thanks for the great info. i was looking for the same.
    Two queries: 1. can i chat with multiple visitors at a time?
    2. is there a way where i can link/embed code of yahoo chat and google talk which can be used like the original sites. i mean people use my website as a tool to connect to gtalk and yahoo chat just their normal login. currently they can chat only with my team over here.



    thanx so much for the info.been searching for quite long..now i already embeded it in my blog..thanx!! :)


    Shiv Prakash Maurya

    Thank you very much to all.This feature is very useful to connect with unknown user whom the web site owner is not familiar.
    Thanx once more..



    nice.. i will try this…



    Thanks man! This tip is really useful. Adding it to my site tomorrow!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Bhavesh..Make sure you can make most out of it :)



    Yes..this is indeed a hidden and not much feature of GTalk. But it is very useful and free offcourse if you want to have LIVE chat feature on your website.

    Thanks for sharing.



    works great when i’m on my computer but i need it on the go to really be functional. i wish the skype worked without adding me as a buddy. cant find a way to embed aim live remote, my wimzi, windows live im control button, facebook connect.

    googlechatback works fine if i am signed on but i need an android application that will accept group chat invitations on my mobile so i can talk to clients who sign onto my website at all times. also, getting a windows live button to work on google sites wou.d be great too , because it say the code i am using doesnt work


    Harsh Agrawal

    They shut it down as part of their spring cleaning process. You can read about it here:

    You can consider using Meebo bar or if using WordPress, try


    Manmeet Singh

    If you think you can use it for productivity by connecting to the users and you can take there feedback online about your website and purchase online products or gain knowledge about software try eAssistance Pro live chat using this console you can chat with visitors, track information about visitors, pro-actively assist visitors and enhance business using this downloadable operator console.


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