How to Add Google Profile Button into your Blog

Google+ is still creating a buzz after one week of release and as a webmaster we are finding how useful it’s going to be for traffic and for SEO. Though we know that Google +1 Like will be very useful if you have a big social circle. So, it’s quite important to have a great number of followers on Google+ too.

We will discus various SEO benefit of Google+ in upcoming posts but for now, I would suggest you to look into Google+ profile button creator page which will help you to give codes to integrate Google+ button on your website. You can  create a button for your Google+ profile from this page.

Google+ Profile Button Creator

Google+ Profile Button Creator

All you need to do is add your profile link in Enter profile page, for example I have added: . You can configure button size and if you wish to link with content or just profile.

How to get your Google+profile link?

While logging into Google, Go to and you will get your profile link.

Though it’s a nice feature but I believe Google Should start offering more button options as current one are not very attractive, though if you don’t want to miss out the race to grab more Google+ people adding you in their circle, it’s time to let your readers know about Google+ and connect with them on Google+. Here is button created for my Google+ profile

If you started using Google+ recently, I would suggest you to read:

It will be fun to see how Google+ will shape into coming days and how much tough time it’s going to give to Facebook. Meanwhile do let us know if you are adding Google+ button to your blog?

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  1. Damian Varyanaddy says

    waw it’s cool man
    i will put this google profile button in all of my blog

  2. Sachin says

    nice way but cant we simple choose any image and link it to our profile that is simple ..if google plus make something like profile display widget which display our recent streams etc then it would be better