How to Add Gamification to your Website to Increase Engagement

Website gamification Imagine a situation that you have hundreds of members on your website but none of them is active or your blog have a steady flow of targeted traffic, but none of them is showing any genuine interest to post a comment.

Ok, let me assure you first that you are not the one and only person in this universe facing this weird problem. There are hundreds of websites drawing huge traffic, but somehow the interactivity, engagement and most importantly, fun is missing. These sites look like a barren land devoid of human activities. So, if your website is facing similar problem and you are trying your best to find a way to make your visitors interact with your targeted visitors, here is the solution – gamification of your website.

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Wondering what this Website Gamification is all About?

The purpose of gamification is to transform a listless and inactive community into a thriving and active group where people are sharing ideas, interesting things and thereby converting an otherwise barren website into a lively carnival. It usually happens with sites that despite having over hundreds and thousands of visitors, are struggling to have signs of life in the form of discussion, ideas sharing and other cool things like a healthy competition among members to be the top commenter etc.

Thankfully, all these problems can now be solved by website gamification. And the good thing is that you do not have to reinvent the wheels for this. All you got to do is to make the readers feel good when they do amazing things like post a comment on your blog post. You can reward him a point for a great comment or you could assign badge for those loyal readers who take the pain to read your articles and then post comments on them.

Human beings love free things and that being said, I can dare say that when you are offering something free like a free badge or some points that they can cash in on later, they will be strive to achieve that. Who does not want to be the top dog of a community forum? Everyone wants that.

How do you know that Gamification will work for you?

To be honest, Website and blog gamification is not for everyone around. Gamification only works if your website gets huge traffic and the quality of your website is above ordinary.

Here are the assumptions that gamification will work for your website if:

List of Popular Gamification Systems



This is a loyalty reward program that you can give a go if you really care for your visitors. By using PunchTab, you will be able to reward your visitors for any of the following actions like – making a comment, liking a page, visiting a section, becoming a follower of your social media profiles or tweeting a post.

Punchtab Installation is hazardless and it comes with a simple control panel where you have all the details about the prizes, leaderboard and more. They also have a special program for bloggers, you can read about it here.



This is probably the biggest and the most popular of all gamification platforms. By using this tool, you will be able to convert casual readers into loyal readers and finally into loyal member of your website’s community by rewarding them for some activities like sharing posts, commenting, reading articles or for visiting your website. In short, the whole concept revolve around the concept of rewards. Check out BadgeVille.



This is another popular website gamification system whose purpose is to make it easier for anyone to develop a thriving and active community. Though it is free, it offers an amazing customer support, which is basically more than an icing on the cake. Check out BigDoor.

How to make the most of Website gamification

You can make your readers feel greatly enlarged by creating a “Class” system in your website where the posters will receive certain ranks based on their interaction level. You can also tweak the rewarding systems so that you can specify some users as “trusted”.

Here is how gamification is going to work for your website –

  • By allowing your visitors to convert the points into some form of physical gifts
  • By allowing access to a private section to only those members who attain a certain level of points
  • By offering badges to community members who are highly active
  • By offering points for every bit of engagement.

In fact, all big brands are already utilizing the power of gamification though they are using different terms. Reddit has already implemented a rewarding system known as “Karma” and Facebook does it too in different style. It has got two powerful features – “Share” and “Like” button.

So, what are you waiting for? Just jump on this bandwagon and see the difference.

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  1. Asif Billah says

    Communities should always be the center to me, so I appreciated your new post. Gamification basically started addressing one customer per time, so maybe using data from this experience could lead to wrong conclusions, also if community rules are consistent.

    • Michael Evans says

      Yes, we need to nurture communities as this will lead to loyal visitors and it is the loyal visitors that help us promote our brand image :)